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  1. George Packer and Ken Auletta on Silicon Valley | The New Yorker

    This week in the magazine, George Packer asks tech-industry insiders why the vast profits of the tech world have paralleled a growing disparity between rich and poor, and how they think about their social and political roles. Ken Auletta often writes about the tech industry for the magazine's Annals of Communication column. Here, Packer and

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  2. Why Europe Is Willing To Regulate Tech More Than The U.S. : NPR

    Though Congress has had many tech executives testify on Capitol Hill about their operations, it hasn't led to any major regulations of the tech industry. Europe, on the other hand, seems far more willing to impose limitations. NPR's Ari Shapiro discusses why that might be with Harvard law professor Jonathan Zittrain.

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  3. Coding While Black: Hacking The Future Of The Tech Industry : Code Switch : NPR

    Silicon Valley has a diversity problem, with many tech companies employing a tiny number of African-Americans in key jobs. In Atlanta, black techies are working to diversify the industry's future.

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  4. In Tech Marketing Jobs, Women’s Successes Are Rarely Recognized : All Tech Considered : NPR

    It's no secret that men dominate the top positions in Silicon Valley. But there are areas of the tech industry with lots of women: marketing and PR. Their contributions are often key, but overlooked.

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  5. Webstock ‘17: Anil Dash - Toward Humane Tech

    Tech is now the wealthiest, most powerful industry in the world, but the way it is leaving some people out and leaving some people behind poses a grave threat to our ability to keep making good tech that people love. Anil Dash will talk about how we got here, and some ideas about how we can move toward a more ethical and humane tech industry.

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