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  1. RRP #1: Tomáš Mikolov on word2vec and AI research at Microsoft, Google, Facebook

    Episode Summary: Today I sat down with Tomáš Mikolov, my fellow Czech countryman whom most of you will know through his work on word2vec. But Tomáš has many more interesting things to say beside word2vec (although we cover word2vec too!): his beginnings with 8bit graphics and games, living in NY…


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  2. Show 129: Kelly Lum Discusses Bug Hunting and a Unique Analytical Outlook on Security | Cigital

    Listen as Gary and Kelly discuss the differences between AppSec and software security, how mental illness affects her analytical security outlook, and more.


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  3. Fund running dry for non standard residential UFB connections | Nine To Noon, 9:27 am on 7 March 2016 | Radio New Zealand

    20 percent of the country so far has taken up Ultra Fast Broadband as the roll out continues, but there are fears that some of those at the end of the schedule may have to pay for the fibre to be connected to their homes from the street.


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  4. NZ Tech Podcast 271: Auckland IT blowout, UFB uptake, Hololens 4.5G vs 5G | Bill Bennett

    Join me, Paul Spain and Mark Iles to hear a first-hand report from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona including the focus on virtual reality and Gigabit plus 4.5G vs 5G mobile networks. We also discuss Google Loon, UFB hitting an important milestone, Windows 10 rollout to business and Auckland Council’s $1.2B IT spend. This NZ Tech Podcast…


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  5. 5by5 | The Conversation #16: iValve

    5by5 - The Conversation #16: iValve


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  6. Razzledazzle | You Look Nice Today

    Razzledazzle Unpeeling the gunt, extending the brand, and rendering a sidekick polyhedron that really scales. It’s a start.


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  7. HotSpot - GameSpot

    Welcome to The HotSpot, GameSpot’s weekly audio show in which we recap the hottest news and trends in the gaming industry over the past week. Plus, we take your e-mails and phone calls!


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  8. Erik Spiekermann: FontShop Interview – Exploring Type in a Business Context | Design Interview

    In this interview Erik Spiekermann a well know type designer, author of Stop Stealing Sheep and founder of FontShop shares his thoughts on type.


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