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  1. Episode 7: Mike Perham

    Podcast RSSShow Notes:After a decade as a Java developer, open source helped Mike Perham build a name for himself in the Ruby world. He saw the open source burnout pattern happen over and over. He didn’t want it to happen to him. So even though it went against industry norms,  Mike started Sidekiq with the intention of making money.“I’m a creator and I love building tools.”After five years, Sidekiq has more than 11 million downloads and has surpassed his goal of making $1M without taking a cent of investor money. Hear why it’s important to avoid what he calls “Tip Jar Mindset” and how he turned his project from making him $1/hour to the robust business it is today. What to read: Avoiding burnoutShow Links:Mike Perham websiteMike Perham TwitterSidekiqHow to charge for open sourceHow to make 100k in open source 11.2 million downloads!

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  2. Writing A Clojure IDE in Kotlin with Colin Fleming

    We chat with Colin Fleming about developing a Clojure IDE in Kotlin, and how Clojure has taught him to think differently when resolving problems, even in Kotlin!

    For links to show notes, please visit

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  3. Episode 017: Ruby Together with André Arko and Carina C. Zona – Greater Than Code

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  4. 7 min clarity

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  5. RRP #1: Tomáš Mikolov on word2vec and AI research at Microsoft, Google, Facebook

    Episode Summary: Today I sat down with Tomáš Mikolov, my fellow Czech countryman whom most of you will know through his work on word2vec. But Tomáš has many more interesting things to say beside word2vec (although we cover word2vec too!): his beginnings with 8bit graphics and games, living in NY…

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  6. Restoring Sanity to the Office

    Basecamp CEO Jason Fried says too many people find it difficult to get work done at the workplace. His company enforces quiet offices, fewer meetings, and different collaboration and communication practices. The goal is to give employees bigger blocks of time to be truly productive.

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  7. Show 129: Kelly Lum Discusses Bug Hunting and a Unique Analytical Outlook on Security | Cigital

    Listen as Gary and Kelly discuss the differences between AppSec and software security, how mental illness affects her analytical security outlook, and more.

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  8. Managed Kafka with Tom Crayford | Software Engineering Daily Play in new window | Download

    Kafka is a distributed log for producers and consumers to publish messages to each other. We’ve done many shows about Kafka as a key building block for distributed systems, but we often leave out the discussion of the complexities of setting up Kafka and monitoring it. Kafka deployments can be a complex piece of software to manage.

    Tom Crayford is an engineer at Heroku, where he helped engineer the recent Heroku Kafka product, which is a managed version of Apache Kafka. Our conversation explored the use cases of Kafka and how to build Kafka as a cloud service at scale. For more information about Heroku Kafka, check out an upcoming webinar.

    Full disclosure: Heroku is a sponsor of Software Engineering Daily. That said, this is a topic I am genuinely interested in–it is often difficult to get cloud providers to talk in detail about how they are architecting their services.



    Alooma is your data pipeline as a service. Alooma is a fully managed tool for pulling from different data sources–MySQL, Postgres, elasticsearch, Salesforce, and many others. Go to for more information.

    The Insight Data Engineering Program helps software engineers level up their careers. Apply now at and skip straight to the coding challenge–a special offer for Software Engineering Daily listeners.

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  9. Episode 179 | When to Ask Your Customers for Credit Cards | Startups For the Rest of Us


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  10. How to Manage a Side Project With a Full Time Job (FS115) - We love side projects. Most of our successful projects started out as side projects during full time employment.

    But finding the balance between a side project and a day job often feels impossible.

    Then you try to throw in a little time for yourself outside of the jobs and side projects and the whole thing topples over.

    So, if so many businesses are started out as side projects, how can we balance both staying employed for as long as necessary and finding enough time to build our side project?

    That’s what we get into in the show today, complete with several examples of very successful businesses today that were once started as side projects.


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