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  1. 567 - Coronavirus Economy Update: What’s Happening Right Now with Economist Tyler Cowen - The James Altucher Show - Omny.fm

    People are starting to lose jobs. And gigs. And become uncertain. Uncertainty brings up fear. Which is a pandemic on its own. I keep saying, "Prepare. Don’t Panic." And so do my guests. So today, I interview economist Tyler Cowen. I ask him about the stimulus package, the job market, inflation, deflation, supply and demand, what the world will look like if people keep losing work. How we can get back to work. When is it safe? Flattening the curve, and more. 

    And if you like this update, please let us know. So we can keep bringing you information that spreads peace. Over fear.


    • James


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  2. #13 - Sean Grove - What It’s Like to Go Through Y Combinator, Twice | The Entrepreneurial Coder Podcast

    Sean talks about his experience going through Y Combinator, one of the best known early-stage startup accelerators in the world. He gives us the inside scoop about all aspects of the program, including the application process, how to gain leverage from beginning to end, and the high-pressure "demo day" which culminates the program. Sean shares what went right and what went wrong when he went through with his first company, Bushido, and also what he changed going through it a second time with his current company, OneGraph.


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  3. lvh - Cognicast Episode 149

    In this episode, we talk to lvh about security, hiring and woodworking.


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  4. 60: “Deploying SwiftUI in production”, with special guest David Smith | Swift by Sundell

    Indie iOS and watchOS developer “Underscore” David Smith joins John to discuss the current state of Apple Watch app development, and how SwiftUI is changing how watchOS apps are built. Also, managing and prioritizing multiple projects, Swift vs Objective-C, and whether SwiftUI is actually production-ready.


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  5. Interview with Austen Allred

    My interview with Austen Allred of Lambda School, which took place on January 22nd, 2020.

    Music by @listentoapril, https://open.spotify.com/artist/0DYfiAbiFa8lOm5CyUrpfx?si=BfCPzPNfTo6mS2eRKk1sPQ.

    Special thanks to Jeff Micklos, who edited this interview.

    Original video: https://m.soundcloud.com/vwoo/interview-with-austen-allred
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  6. David Heinemeier Hansson, Software Contrarian - Transcript - CoRecursive Podcast

    David Heinemeier Hansson talks to Adam about being avoiding a software monoculture. He explains why we should find a programming language that speaks to us, why ergonomics matter and why single page apps and microservices are not for him. “That is the pleasure and privilege of working with the web. No one knows what you …


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  7. Alex Kontorovich on the Absolute Truth of Pure Math

    The mathematician Alex Kontorovich speaks with host Steven Strogatz about regaining his creative freedom in an intimidating collaboration and about the pleasures of spherical geometry.

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  8. Episode 297: Did the Saudi Crown Prince hack Jeff Bezos’s phone? | Steptoe Cyberblog

      This episode features an interview on the Bezos phone flap with David Kaye and Alex Stamos. David is a UN Special Rapporteur and clinical professor


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  9. Hyperscaler Infrastructure for the Masses with Jessie Frazelle, Steve Tuck, and Bryan Cantrill of Oxide Computing

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  10. The Corky Story - Part 3 (Hall Of Fame Guidance) | Manager Tools

    Part 3 of Dani’s best management story about how she used the Manager Tools Trinity to terminate a poor performer in an organization where "you can’t fire anyone."

    We often ask at conferences if anyone has ever been told, "You can’t fire anyone around here" about where they work. Every time almost everyone raises his or her hand. It’s not limited to union shops, government organizations or academia where people have tenure. Across industries, across types of managers, across companies large and small, managers are told (and repeat!) over and over again that "they" won’t let us fire anyone. When I was promoted to my first managerial role, I heard the same thing. And I’m here to tell you it’s just not true.

    The Corky Story is a true story about how I managed one of my first direct reports, Corky, who was not performing to standard. Corky was a longtime employee, had years’ worth of strong performance reviews, and was protected status due to his age. He also played golf and socialized regularly with the COO. I was a new manager, much younger than Corky and new to the organization so I didn’t have great relationships like he did. And I worked in an organization where "you can’t fire anyone", especially someone like Corky.


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