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  1. Episode 33, Metamuse podcast — Muse

    Tech product designers could learn from the immense challenges of designing cities. Devon joins Adam and Mark to share her knowledge and passion on urban design and economics. Theey discuss how open source communities compare to cities; historical preservation versus growth and change; the messy middle of public and private goods; wi-fi spectrum ownership; and what to do when the neighbor’s new building puts shade on your vegetable garden.


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  2. Episode 341: Patrick McKenzie – Thinking Poker

    StrategyWe are 7-handed and I am in the LJ w/ $315. I open to $7 w/ 78 of spades and get calls from the button and both blinds, all of whom have me covered.The flop is 10c6d2s. Both blinds check. I decide to bet $25 into the $25 pot, and only the button calls, making the pot $74 after rake with $283 in the effective stacks. The turn is Qh. I bet $35, the button thinks for a little while, and calls. The pot is now $144, w/ $248 in the effective stacks.The river is the Ace of spades. Final board 10c6d2sQhAs. I bet $100.


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  3. Systemic Feedback (Hall Of Fame Guidance) | Manager Tools

    What do we do when we’ve tried giving negative feedback but it doesn’t seem to be working? We’ve given repeated instances of feedback, and yet we don’t see a change in a direct’s behavior?

    We give systemic feedback. And it’s easy to give - it’s just the four step standard feedback model with a change in focus. If you already know how to give standard feedback, systemic feedback is simple to implement…yet its simplicity belies its power. Really well delivered systemic feedback is exceptionally hard to ignore, and lays excellent groundwork for further efforts if the direct doesn’t change his or her behavior.


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  4. Naval Ravikant on Happiness, Reducing Anxiety, Crypto Stablecoins, and Crypto Strategy (#473) – The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

    "Proper examination should ruin the life that you’re currently living. It should cause you to leave relationships. It should cause you to reestablish boundaries with family members and with colleagues. It should cause you to quit your job. It should cause you to change your eating patterns. It should cause you to spend more time with yourself. It should cause it to change the books you read. It should cause us to change what your friends are. If it doesn’t do that, it’s not real examination. If it doesn’t come attached with destruction of your current life, then you can’t create the new life in which you will not have the anxiety." — Naval Ravikant


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