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  1. Hardcore History 57 – Kings of Kings II

    As I was downloading this episode, my immediate thought was: “these four hours will fly by and I will be left in a daze, asking myself what just happened”. Dan’s way of storytelling is peerless and his guiding you through the ages will ensure that you too will have this thought cross your mind at least once upon finishing this installment.

    It’s difficult to overstate how excited I am when I find any update at all on Hardcore History. The storytelling, the pleasant tone of voice, the genuine excitement that you can hear when Dan talks of our history… Topped off with the actual length of the (let’s be fair here) audiobook. Usually three hours or longer, this time it’s four hours. The feeling of pure bliss when listening can only be met with solemnly looking at your preferred listening device when you realize that it’s over, and you have to wait for a new update.

    I don’t know about you, but the instant I can upload some funds to Paypal, I’m buying the lot of these episodes. They make driving to work and indeed work itself a whole bunch more tolerable.


    —Huffduffed by danstack