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  1. 497: The State of Native Apps and Web Apps in 2022 with Thomas Steiner - ShopTalk

    We’re talking with Thomas Steiner of Google’s Project Fugu about native apps or web apps. What is Project Fugu? Hardware limitations or requirements for using game controllers on the web. Working with new hardware API’s. Reasons to choose a native app. As well as Thomas’ SVG web app he’s built.


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  2. The James Webb Space Telescope

    The launch of the James Webb Space Telescope is only days away. Scheduled for lift off on 22 December, the largest and most complex space observatory ever built will be sent to an orbit beyond the moon.

    James Webb is so huge that it has had to be folded up to fit in the rocket. There will be a tense two weeks over Christmas and the New Year as the space giant unfurls and unfolds. Its design and construction has taken about 30 years under the leadership of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

    With its huge 6.5 metre-wide primary mirror, the giant observatory promises to extend our view across the cosmos to the first stars to shine in the early universe. That’s a vista of Cosmic Dawn: the first small clusters of stars to form and ignite out of what had been a universe of just dark clouds of primordial gas. If the James Webb succeeds in capturing the birth of starlight, we will be looking at celestial objects more than 13.5 billion light years away.

    Closer to home, the telescope will also revolutionise our understanding of planets orbiting stars beyond the solar system.

    BBC science correspondent Jonathan Amos reports from the European Space Agency’s launch site in French Guyana from where James Webb will be sent into space. He talks to astronomers who will be using the telescope and NASA engineers who’ve built the telescope and tested it in the years leading to launch.


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  3. Methinks it is a weasel

    It’s tempting to see patterns in the random kaleidoscope of everyday experiences, but it’s also dangerous.

    Along with his business partner Warren Buffet, vice-chair of Berkshire Hathaway Charlie Munger has made billions of dollars but, by his own admission, he would have made billions more if only he’d made better decisions. He joins Professor Steven Pinker to discuss defying the odds and the dangers of over-interpreting coincidences. They hear why Tim Harford, economist, presenter of ‘More or Less’ and author of ‘How to Make the World Add Up: 10 Rules for Thinking Differently About Numbers’ thinks a stock-picking cow can help us make sense of a complicated world.


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  4. The Talk Show ✪: Ep. 331, With Merlin Mann

    The Talk Show

    ‘John Was the Problem’, With Merlin Mann

    Saturday, 11 December 2021

    Merlin Mann returns to the show to discuss two brief topics (with a few asides): my dream of opening a steakhouse, and Peter Jackson’s Beatles documentary Get Back.

    This episode of The Talk Show was edited by Caleb Sexton.


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  5. How We Got Here: On the History of the Web — Postlight — Digital Strategy, Design and Engineering

    What is Web3, and why should we care about it? Will it be the digital revolution that brings the internet back to its decentralized and democratic roots? This week, internet expert (and Postlight CEO) Gina Trapani joins Rich and Paul to chat about their experiences with different iterations of the web and break down how it ended up so siloed, control-driven, and centralized. Will Web3 save us? Stay tuned. …


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  6. How To Own The Room: 13.6 Dame Stephanie Shirley CH, Entrepreneur

    Are you sitting comfortably? Viv Groskop talks to Dame Stephanie "Steve" Shirley CH, the businesswoman, philanthropist and technology pioneer. They explore why she changed her name - and why she brought her kitchen stool to America to give her TED talk in front of Bill Gates. Dame Stephanie argues that women must learn to ask for money: our input won’t be valued if we don’t value ourselves. She reveals how she learned a "healthy selfishness" after ending up in hospital, and tells Viv the single secret of success in business and romance…


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  7. Alternate History - Words To That Effect Podcast Ep 47

    In one sense the alternate history tale is a very specific kind of story: a type of speculative fiction in which a certain, often key, moment of history has been changed.

    In another sense, though, alternate history has a much broader appeal. We are all curious, we all think about what might have happened differently in our lives and in the wider world, we all feel relief and regret.

    What if?


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