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  1. Geopolitics, Innovation, and Deglobalization With Peter Zeihan | FYI Podcast

    Today, you’ll hear from Peter Zeihan, a critically acclaimed author and geopolitical analyst. Peter gives an overview of his geopolitical worldview, how he expects deglobalization to affect innovation in the US and abroad, as well as some of the challenges facing green tech and its applications.



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  2. Agile Architecture with Martin Fowler and Rebecca Wirfs-Brock - Coalition Info - Agile Uprising | Coalition


    Listen Here



    We are very pleased to share this episode on Agile Architecture featuring the return of Martin Fowler and the first visit from Rebecca Wirfs-Brock.

    You can hear Martin’s first…


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  3. The Trust Engineers

    When we talk online, things can go south fast. But they don’t have to. Today, we meet a group of social engineers who are convinced that tiny changes in wording can make the online world a kinder, gentler place. So long as we agree to be their lab rats.

    Ok, yeah, we’re talking about Facebook. Because Facebook, or something like it, is more and more the way we share and like, and gossip and gripe. And because it’s so big, Facebook has a created a laboratory of human behavior the likes of which we’ve never seen. We peek into the work of Arturo Bejar and a team of researchers who are tweaking our online experience, bit by bit, to try to make the world a better place. And along the way we can’t help but wonder whether that’s possible, or even a good idea.

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  4. My blogging story

    Justin Hall of links.net asked me to do an audio recording about blogging.

    I answered some of his questions, but as usual, talked mostly about what I wanted to. ;-)

    Which is a big part of the blogging story imho.

    Here’s the audio, 24 minutes, hope you enjoy.

    PS: This also adds to the thread started by Walter Isaacson about the origins of the Internet.

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  5. Debug 15: Simmons, Wiskus, Gruber, and Vesper

    Brent Simmons, Dave Wiskus, and John Gruber join Guy and Rene to talk about their new app, Vesper, the value of ideas and collecting them, the art of collaboration, flat design, accessibility, testing, app pricing, and more. Also: Mad Men.

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