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  1. Shut Down for What — Lovett or Leave It — Overcast

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  2. H.I. #39: Getting Things Done

    Grey and Brady discuss: Hello Internet babies, humblebragging time warp, how likely is your job to be automated, a new corner, John Nash, losing weight, and collecting the Getting Things Done homework.

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    Show Notes:

    Discuss this episode

    Audrey’s Facebook page

    Little Bear’s broken arm

    Slow Motion Little Bear

    Play ‘Where’s Audrey’: Video 1, Video 2

    SciShow: Is Urine Really Sterile?

    Hello Internet Flag submissions


    A special email

    The first discussion of Humblebragging on Hello Internet

    Will your job be done by a machine?

    Grey’s new podcast: Cortex on

    John Nash

    Numberphile: John Nash

    Getting Things Done by David Allen

    Space album

    Grey’s book notes: Creativity Inc, Bird by Bird

    Grey: Time Management for Teachers

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  3. Canvas #37: WWDC 2017 with Tom Bridge - Relay FM

    This week, we go in-depth on the iOS-related announcements from WWDC 2017.

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  4. Connected #145: LEGO For Shortcuts - Relay FM

    Live from San Jose, the trio talk about the news from a little event known as WWDC.

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  5. The Pen Addict #70: Bullet Journal Time - Relay FM

    In this episode, Brad and Myke are joined by Ryder Carroll from We discuss how the idea for the Bullet Journal came to be, how to get started, and some tips and tricks to keep your journal flowing smoothly. Myke and I also do a bit of f

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  6. Database Choices and Uber with Markus Winand | Software Engineering Daily Play in new window | Download

    When Uber’s engineering team published a blog post about moving to MySQL from Postgres, Markus Winand started receiving lots of email. Markus writes about databases on his blog “Use The Index, Luke,” a guide to database performance for developers. The people emailing Markus wanted to know–if Postgres doesn’t work well for Uber, is it safe to use for anyone?

    Markus wrote a detailed blog post that was a response to Uber’s discussion of Postgres, and in today’s episode Markus explains why Postgres is perfectly fine for most applications.

    Most developers are not experts in choosing between different databases. The average developer knows the difference between a NoSQL database like Mongo and a normalized SQL database like MySQL–but that developer might not know the more subtle differences between different SQL databases like MySQL and Postgres.

    That is why Markus’s site is so useful, and why it was a pleasure to have him on the show.



    The Circonus monitoring & analytics platform is a leader in accurate monitoring and custom analytics, for any tech at any scale. If you want to learn more about how to better understand the behavior of your systems with a monitoring tool you can trust, go to for your free trial. is the job marketplace for software engineers. Go to to get a $2000 bonus upon landing a job through Hired.


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  7. “Star Wars 3: Revenge of the Sith” w/ MST3K”S Frank Conniff & Chris Czynszak PODCRAWL!

    Podcast: Play in new window | EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSFrank Conniff (MST3K) & Eric Szyszka (“We Hate Movies”) join Adam…

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  8. #215 - Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace Reviewed

    A long time ago in director’s head that is far far away from where it should be, George Lucas permanently marred his masterwork by adding the first of three unbelievably awful movies to the beginning of it. It was a sad, sad day.Episode 1 starts with a trade federation dispute (exciting!). Two jedis are sent to sit in a conference room because apparently they are a cheap resource. Some ridiculous antics later we’re introduced to the two most annoying characters in movie history: Jar Jar Binks and Anakin Skywalker. Although Jar Jar is credited with ruining the franchise, Anakin is at least as annoying and everything else in the movie sucks too.Blah blah blah queen votes for no confidence, jedis stop the droid invasion, WHOA A DOUBLE SIDED LIGHTSABER, and then something about the kid being a jedi because of a genetic condition. This movie is so bad my brain is melting.PODCRAWL 2013!This is not a trilogy we could suffer alone, so we enlisted the help of our 2nd and 3rd favorite bad-movie podcasts (behind ourselves). Finish the podcrawl:Episode II as reviewed by Flophouse (featuring RiaW guest Dan McCoy).Week of November 18: Episode III as reviewed by Proudly Resents (featuring RiaW guest Adam Spiegleman)

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  9. Random Trek | “Half a Life” (TNG) with John Gruber (Episode 112)


    “Half a Life” (TNG) with John Gruber

    John Gruber, the most daring of fireballs, joins Scott to discuss TNG’s Half a Life (S4E220). Topics cover what to order at a steakhouse, what to order at a specific steakhouse (Barclay Prime), Picard’s odd behaviour, and our thoughts about Lwaxana and why no one ever says to her, “You sound an awful lot like the computer.”

    Next on Random Trek TNG’s Parallels.


    1, 2016

    46 minutes

    Scott McNulty

    with John Gruber


    (32 M)

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    The Starfleet Academy Experience at the Intrepid Museum: Train to be a cadet, and see a shuttlecraft from the Original Series.

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    "Half a Life" (TNG) with John Gruber

    John Gruber, the most daring of fireballs, joins Scott to discuss TNG’s Half a Life (S4E220). Topics cover what to order at a steakhouse, what to order at a specific steakhouse (Barclay Prime), Picard’s odd behaviour, and our thoughts about Lwaxana and why no one ever says to her, "You sound an awful lot like the computer."

    Next on Random Trek TNG’s Parallels.

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  10. Functional Geekery Episode 11 – Simon Peyton JonesFunctional Geekery | Functional Geekery

    In this episode I talk with Simon Peyton Jones. I ask him about his background in Functional Programming, the growing popularity of Haskell, things he would

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