Data Stories #48 Vis Going Mainstream w/ Stamen’s CEO Eric Rodenbeck | Data Stories

Great episode here folks! We have Stamen‘s CEO Eric Rodenbeck on the show to talk about “Visualization Going Mainstream”. Moritz took inspiration from Eric’s Eyeo talk “And Then There Were Twelve – How to (keep) running a successful data visualization and design studio.” and decided he must come on the show.

Stamen is a design studio in San Francisco founded in 2001 by Eric. They have been real pioneers in data visualization and cartographic mapping with the production of great apps and libraries such as Pretty Maps, Trulia Hindsight, Crimespotting and many many more. (See also our episode with Mike Migurski)

With Eric we discuss a broad range of important topics including: how to manage a vis business, how to have an impact with visualization and visualization success stories.

Enjoy the show!


Eric’s talk at Eyeo

Stamen’s Digg Labs visualization

Founder of Digg Kevin Rose

First word art / last word art

Book: Maps and Legends

Out of Sight, Out of Mind – Pitch Interactive’s Drones Visualization

James Bridle’s Dronestagram

Stamen’s Crimespotting Project (mapping crime in San Francisco and Oakland) open learning environment to learn how to make maps

The Atlantic’s Article on: Why I Am Not A Maker

Stamen’s Work with San Francisco Museum Of Art