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  1. Information architecture patterns

    We have patterns for buildings, patterns for interaction design, and patterns for software development. But are there patterns for information architecture? Of course there are - patterns emerge from use, and there certainly are enough information architectures around to identify a set of patterns.This presentation will describe a wide range of commonly-used information architecture patterns, including hierarchies small and large, different types of database structure, hypertext, subsite models, sites with multiple entry points and ways of combining these. For each Donna will describe the core elements of the pattern, discuss the most appropriate uses and show real-world examples. Understanding the different patterns will help attendees to select the most appropriate structures for their content.

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  2. Dark Patterns: An overview for brand owners

    Following on from Harry Brignull’s UX Brighton 2010 presentation on Dark Patterns for Designers, this presentation looks at Dark Patterns from a Brand Owner’s perspective, discussing, among other things, the problem of Google Instant auto-completing searches for your brand name with the word ‘scam’, and why this can happen.

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