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  1. Random Trek | “A Time to Stand” (DS9) with David Sparks (Episode 46)

    David Sparks, better known as Mac Sparky, joins Scott to discuss “A Time To Stand” (DS9 S6E1). David admits that he is a Star Wars fan (shocking!), we compliment Julian Bashir, have questions about the final resolution of the episode, and talk about how without TNG David might not have gotten through law school (he’s a lawyer, you should hire him!).


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  2. Heirloom seeds

    For approximately 1 1/2 years, Teresa O’Connor of Seasonal Wisdom and Jayme Jenkins of aHaModernLiving.com produced Nest in Style podcasts, which discussed the latest home and garden trends for seasonal living. Several were featured on Horticulture magazine. Others are on iTunes. […]


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