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  1. David Sedaris | When You Are Engulfed in Flames

    David Sedaris is a regular contributor to The New Yorker and Public Radio International’s This American Life, and is the bestselling author of Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim, Me Talk Pretty One Day, Naked, and Barrel Fever. Sedaris reads from and discusses his new book When You Are Engulfed in Flames. Culminating in a brilliant account of his venture to Tokyo in order to quit smoking.

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  2. Anathem

    Neal Stephenson, the New York Times bestselling author of Cryptonomicon and The Baroque Cycle, reads from and discusses his new novel Anathem, a magnificent creation: a work of great scope, intelligence, and imagination that ushers readers into a recognizable-yet strangely inverted-world.

    From: http://authorsontourlive.com/aot-135-neal-stephenson-podcasts-anathem/

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  3. Tom Flynn - Science Fiction and Atheism

    Tom Flynn is the Editor of Free Inquiry magazine. A journalist, novelist, entertainer, and folklorist, Flynn is the author of numerous articles for Free Inquiry, many addressing church-state issues, as well as the best-selling The Trouble With Christmas, about which he has made hundreds of radio and TV appearances in his role as the curmudgeonly âanti-Claus.â He is also the author of the critically acclaimed anti-religious black comedy science fiction novels, Galactic Rapture and Nothing Sacred. His latest work, The New Encyclopedia of Unbelief, is a comprehensive reference work on the history, beliefs, and thinking of Americaâs fastest growing minority: those who live without religion. In this interview with D.J. Grothe, Tom Flynn discusses the trouble he has with Christmas. He also explores the relationship of atheism and skepticism with science fiction. He talks about the connection that many of the leading figures in science fiction have had with the Center for Inquiry over the years. He surveys influential atheist and humanistic writers in science fiction including H.G. Wells, Robert Heinlein, Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov, Douglas Adams, Phillip Pullman, and Kurt Vonnegut, among many others. He discusses the secular humanism in Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek franchise, and an interesting connection an episode had with Scientology. He details Orson Scott Card’s relationship with secular humanism. He talks about the influence of Robert Heinlein’s earlier works on the development of his own religious skepticism. He discusses the similarities of Scientology and Mormonism with science fiction. He examines the intersection of sci fi and religious satire, as in the works of James Morrow and Bo Fowler. And he explains his own foray into science fiction, with his critically acclaimed books Galactic Rapture and Nothing Sacred.

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  4. Quirks & Quarks - 10 Ways the World Could End

    Despite what you may think, the universe is not necessarily a friendly place. Sure, things here on Earth have been pretty stable over the past few millennia, allowing human civilization to gain a foothold. But that could change at any time. Disaster lurks everywhere, from the deepest reaches of space to the very bowels of our planet. We’ve recruited nine prominent Canadian scientists (and one science fiction writer) and asked them to imagine how they think the world might end.

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  5. Will Wright on Spore, A.I. and the Future of Gaming

    Does the future of video games spell the end of the world? Or does humanity have more to learn from a virtual world inhabited by connected kids, intelligent robots … and the Obama campaign? You’ve seen the video and the outtakes from his chat at the 2008 Breakthrough Conference after winning in the products category. Now download PM’s entire wide-ranging chat with Will Wright, the gaming guru and geek god behind Sim City and Spore, on a Breakthrough Award season finale of The Popular Mechanics Show.

    From: http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/upgrade/4198889.html

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  6. Nassim Nicholas Taleb and Benoit Mandelbrot on the financial crisis

    As the financial sector shifts, so does the reach of the jolt to economic structures around the world. Economist Nassim Nicholas Taleb and his mentor, mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot, speak with Paul Solman about chain reactions and predicting the financial crisis.


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