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  1. Unfinished Business 87: ‘I thought you were Kid Jensen’ with Paul Boag

    A weekly discussion show about the business end, the sharp end of web, design and creative industries.

    This week on Unfinished Business, I had planned to talk with Paul Boag about client briefs and managing expectations. But when we sat down to talk, we were both in the mood to talk about something much, more personal. We discussed how we feel about how Twitter has changed, Erin Kissane’s ‘Ditching Twitter,’ Dan Edwards’ ‘Treading through treacle’ and our general sense of melancholy about our industry. Then we talk about how, contrary to what we often hear, our industry is filled with acts of kindness.

    We discuss how we maintain our optimism and the steps we take to protect ourselves emotionally. If you think you know Paul and I from our public personas, I think that you’ll be very surprised by this episode. If you haven’t listened to Unfinished Business for a while (or at all) I urge you to listen this week.


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  2. Upgrade #1: Fly Casual

    After a brief introduction to Upgrade, Jason and Myke dive into what everyone wants to hear about—the new iPhones! Jason has been using the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus for the last week, and he's got a full report. We also discuss the ins and outs of going to Apple events as a journalist, Apple product embargoes, and Myke's obsession with the iPhone 6 Plus.

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  3. Information Doesn’t Want to be Free

    There are three iron laws of information age creativity, freedom and business, woven deep into the fabric of the Internet's design, the functioning of markets, and the global system of regulation and trade agreements.

    You can’t attain any kind of sustained commercial, creative success without understanding these laws — but more importantly, the future of freedom itself depends on getting them right.


    Cory Doctorow is a science fiction author, activist, journalist, blogger and co-editor of Boing Boing.

    He has written a ton of great books. If you haven’t read them, I recommend starting with Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom and working your way through to his collaboration with Charles Stross, Rapture of the Nerds. Don’t miss out on his fantastic Young Adult novels For The Win, Pirate Cinema, Little Brother and its sequel Homeland. They’re all great.

    Former European director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and co-founder of the Open Rights Group, Cory is a tireless fighter for freedom, campaigning against censorship, DRM, government surveillance and other plagues of our time.

    Cory delivered the closing keynote at the very first dConstruct and it’s truly fitting that he’s back ten years later when the theme of this year’s dConstruct is “Living With The Network.”

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  4. 14: Orson Welles of the Genre


    Apple has been using cinematic techniques in their events and ads since 1984. Horace Dediu, Jason Snell, and John Gruber discuss the story Apple has told on screens for 30 years: one of engineering thriving on dynamic creativity.

    Panelists Horace Dediu runs Asymco and hosts The Critical Path. Jason Snell bleeds Six Colors, captains The Incomparable, and just started Upgrade and moved Clockwise to RelayFM. John Gruber is the Daring Fireball, hosts The Talk Show, and is 1/3 of Vesper, a great note-taking app. Sponsors Symbolicons: 40% off any icon bundle with ESN1 Harry's: $5 off with ELECTRIC Backblaze: unlimited, unthrottled backup for $5/month Iconic: $25 off Iconic Classic or Classic Plus (Fair Use) Audio Clips - Video Library 1984, directed by Ridley Scott Apple Watch - Reveal Mac Pro - Cinema Ad New Coke (two ads in one), directed by Ridley Scott iMac - (She Comes in) Colors iMac - Jeff Goldblum: Email Ortega Tacos Gold iPhone 5s - Metal Mastered John Lasseter and Steve Jobs on Charlie Rose (1996) Steve Jobs introduces the Macintosh Show Notes and Links The Making the New Mac Pro short is a great example of the industrial documentary style so often copied. Helvetica, Objectified, and Urbanized are all very, very well-made documentaries. More "Solid Goldblum": Beige and Three Pizzas. Three Steps couldn't be used because a version with decent audio couldn't be found in time. Exploding Tacos got you down? That purse just too confusing? Has your arm lost all ability to carry the weight of a chip bowl? Can't stop knocking over Cheetos? I…don't know what to tell you. My least favorite thing about the above-linked Charlie Rose interview is almost every minute of it that is not included in this week's show. Calm down, Charlie! Damn! Not used in the show proper, but still great: the original 2007 "Hello" teaser for iPhone. Creativity, Inc. Incomparable 197: Fail Fast (Creativity Inc.) When it posts within 24 hours of this episode, The Incomparable #212 will be the Toy Story-centric episode mentioned here. The introduction of the original iPhone.

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  5. Dad Rod Thursdays – A Christmas Sermon From Luther - White Horse Inn Blog

    Once again we are featuring a treat for Christmas from Dr. Rosenbladt.

    Listen to Dr. Rosenbladt preach a Christmas sermon borne of Martin Luther’s writings, constructed by Dr. Roland Bainton, who taught history at Yale University from 1936 to 1961.

    Though Luther never wrote nor preached this sermon, it is assembled from his writings as a series of parts, as Dr. Bainton envisioned Luther could have written a Christmas sermon. This audio was dug up from the archives and has been converted from audio tape.

    You can find more of Dr. Rosenbladt’s works, some for free and some for sale, at New Reformation Press.

    Once again, enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    [Download MP3]


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  6. “Christianity In Five Verses” - The Sequel to “The Gospel For Those Broken By The Church” » NRP Blog

    This lecture by Dr. Rod Rosenbladt in the Concordia University Chapel on February 14 of this year is what we are considering the long awaited sequel to the “The Gospel For Those Broken By The Church.” Once again it is some of his finest work. Though he didn’t set out to create such a sequel, you will notice Dr. Rosenbladt borrows from his former presentation throughout this new one.

    What we are affinitively calling “Christianity In Five Verses” could rightfully be titled “The Gospel” or “What is Christianity?” This powerful lecture goes right to the center of what the Christian faith is, cutting through all the claptrap and fluff that so often diverts us from the core message of the Scriptures. Dr. Rosenbladt clearly and concisely lays down Gospel right from the text of the Scriptures and contrasts this message with what often masquerades as the Gospel. This is a must-listen for every Christian, but especially for pastors and teachers charged with teaching and preaching God’s Word, and for those actively involved in sharing their faith with others.

    We recommend this lecture at least as much as we do

    “The Gospel For Those Broken By The Church.” It is similarly being made available for free. Download it, share it with others without restriction, post it on your blog or Facebook wall. All we ask is that if you do, please include a link back to our website here at NRP.

    But whatever you do, don’t miss this one. It is only a little over 22 minutes long.

    Christianity In Five Versesby Dr. Rod Rosenbladt

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    Download MP3

    By Pat K

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