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  1. Futures in Biotech 46: Towards Computers That Think

    An interview with Dr. Terrence Sejnowski about theoretical and computational biology and neurobiology.

    Guest: Terrence Sejnowski of the Salk Institute


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  2. G’Day World - Interview with Vernor Vinge

    Today I had the fortune to chat with another living legend - Vernor Vinge (pronounced “vin-jee” as in, he explained off air, “stingy”). While VV may not have the public profile of a William Gibson or Neal Stephenson, in geek circles no SF author carries more respect. Why is it so?

    His latest novel, RAINBOWS END, is a masterpiece of near-future Sci-Fi which explores the world circa 2025. Marc Andreessen called it “the clearest and most plausible extrapolation of modern technology trends forward to the year 2025 that you can imagine.”


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