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  1. Dialogue Out Loud #14: Thoughts on the Sacrament During a Pandemic by Lori Davis | The Dialogue Journal

    Dialogue Out Loud #14: Thoughts on the Sacrament During a Pandemic by Lori Davis


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    It occurred to me to bless the sacrament myself. After all, the words “having authority” do not appear in those prayers. I never did do it though. Mostly because I couldn’t figure out how to explain it to my daughter. Instead we just went without for five months.

    Lori Davis sorrowfully but gorgeously describes the sacrament during coronavirus.


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  2. Dialogue Out Loud #9: Called Not to Serve by Neal David Silvester | The Dialogue Journal

    Dialogue Out Loud #9: Called Not to Serve by Neal David Silvester


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    “For so long I’ve been so puffed up by thoughts of my own great potential, that perhaps this is the ultimate lifelong mission God has set for me: a literal call not to serve. Indeed, perhaps it is no longer my stake president, but God himself asking, ‘Neal, how would you feel about not serving that mission and moving on with your life?’”

    Neal David Silvester pens this beautiful personal essay about the intersections of mental health and missionary work (or not!)


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  3. Dialogue Out Loud #4: Certain Places | The Dialogue Journal

    Dialogue Out Loud #4: Certain Places


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    In “Certain Places,” William Morris tells the story of a person looking for meaning, connection, and ultimately love in this unique but gorgeous love story that spans more than one lifetime. The sound of shoes walking along will stay with long after the story concludes. 


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  4. The Dead Authors Podcast

    Chapter 4: H.G. Wells (Paul F. Tompkins) welcomes author, inventor, diplomat and party animal Benjamin Franklin (Scott Aukerman) to the Dead Authors stage for an oft-sprited, oft-absurd, and oft-off-kilter discussion about God knows what. It must be heard to be believed, and even after hearing it you should still check three sources.  Ambassador Franklin is a bit of a libertine when it comes to naughty words, so plug your ears up, you bunch of nuns! (Sorry, It’s infectious!)


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