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  1. Claude Lévi-Strauss: Mythical Thought and Social Life | Graduate Council Lectures | UC Berkeley


    Claude Lévi-Strauss, Laboratoire d’Anthropologie Sociale du Collège de France et de l’ École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales

    September 26, 1984

    Claude Lévi-Strauss: is a French anthropologist who demonstrated how myths encode categories of native thought. The lecture centers itself around mythical thought and social life

    ABOUT CLAUDE LEVI-STRAUSS Claude Lévi-Strauss was a French social anthropologist who became a leading scholar in the structural approach to social anthropology. He is famous for theorizing that if social scientists can understand man’s mental structures they can then build a study of man which is as scientific as the laws of gravity.

    Graduate Council Lectures

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  2. R4Choice: What Texting Owes to the Literary Enlightenment 13 Mar 09

    Chris Addison explores the links between modern-day text-speak and the language of the 18th-Century Literary Enlightenment. He examines the expressive elements of text language, or ‘textese’, and how it can be seen to echo a ludic art form that became popular in the Romantic era, via insights found in the letters of Jonathan Swift and later works by Lewis Carroll and James Joyce. Featuring contributions from authors Will Self and Ian Rankin, poet Scott Tyrell and Professors Jeremy Tambling, John Sutherland and David Crystal.

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  3. some podcast lovin’

    It’s been way too long since I’ve done an episode of Open Source Sex — so here’s #70! It’s a story so steamy I actually get quite flustered while I’m reading it. A sample from the wonderful explicit erotica collection “Girls On Top“, the story is called “A Woman In His Room” and it’s by the fabulous, prolific British erotica author Saskia Walker. The story centers on a young woman who erotically fixates on a very masculine male border her father let rent the bedroom next to hers, and what happens when he catches her pushing her interest too far. The piece is very layered, and I love the focus on her articulating her very non-romantic sexual urges. I think many of us can relate. It will still engage you emotionally, however — this is a Walker story after all.

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  4. The Value Of Ruins

    Between The Alexandrian War of 48 BCE and the Muslim conquest of 642 CE, the Library of Alexandria, containing a million scrolls and tens of thousands of individual works was completely destroyed, its contents scattered and lost. An appreciable percentage of all human knowledge to that point in history was erased. Yet in his novella “The Congress”, Jorge Luis Borges wrote that “every few centuries, it’s necessary to burn the Library of Alexandria”.

    In his session James will ask if, as we build ourselves new structures of knowledge and certainty, as we design our future, should we be concerned with the value of our ruins?

    With a background in both computing and traditional publishing James Bridle attempts to bridge the gaps between technology and literature. He runs Bookkake, a small independent publisher and writes about books and the publishing industry at In 2009 he helped launch Enhanced Editions, the first e-reading application with integrated audiobooks.

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