This song is a tribute to the glorious creatures of the bird kingdom. Written and Performed by Christiaan Van Vuuren (@ChristiaanVanV) Recorded and Mixed by Damien Enemark at Song Zu.


The woodpecker bird, likes pecking wood, The Bluebird’s a bird, that sings pretty good. Sparrows are a bird that are pretty cool, ay. But the ibis is a bird that drinks bin-juice all day.

A crow is a bird with a really cool squawk, A cockatoo’s a bird with a sick Mohawk, The chicken is a bird that tastes good and lays eggs, But Ibis’s, are bin-juice drinking dregs!

A goose is a bird that’s chilled like a duck. An ibis is a bird that’s a picnic-wrecking fuck! Doves are birds that represent purity. Ibis’s wreck picnics and disrupt the community.

Penguins are birds that fall in love and mate for life, BUT IBIS’S LOVE NOTHING CAUSE THEY’RE DEAD INSIDE! A Swan is a bird that’s graceful and that. And Ibis’s aren’t birds, they’re feathered bin-rats.

It’s the ibis (ibis) bin-juice drinking gronk. Yeah the ibis (ibis) they’re beaks are gross and long. It’s the ibis (ibis!) Picnic wrecking jerk. It’s the ibis (ibis) they’re the worst bird.

The condor is an awesome bird of prey, A hawk’s a bird that’s a cool bird ay. The eagle bird soars through the sky as it hun…

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