Sky Pirates of Equestria Phoenix Flight - Part 2 [Adventure/AU]

Part 2 of 2

Story by Aquaman Read by Goombasa

STORY DESCRIPTION: In a world where magical airship travel has directed and defined life in Equestria for centuries, the black flag and white skull and crosswings of the bloodthirsty pirate hordes looms everpresent over the boundless Eastern Sea. Most of the pirates that stalk the Seven Streams prefer to live only in the shadows, skulking through the skies as daylight dies and striking with brutal efficiency at any helpless merchant vessel in range. Most of the pirates that the Royal Equestrian Aeronautical Navy hounds after are ragged, ruthless cutthroats who’d just as soon sell their grandmothers for a chestful of bits and a bottle of spiced rum. Most of the pirates that you hear about in stories would flee in terror at the sight of the RES Corona, the famous warship helmed by the most dangerous and determined sky captain ever to fly under the Equestrian flag.

This story is not about most pirates.

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