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  1. Tested

    The Talking Room: Adam Savage Interviews Andy WeirBy Joey Fameli on June 12, 201511 CommentsTweetBy popular demand, an audio version of Adam Savage's interview with author Andy Weir! Andy wrote 'The Martian', the story of an astronaut stranded on Mars—it's a book we can't recommend enough. Adam and Andy talk about the research that went into writing the book, the portrayal of astronauts in fiction, and the upcoming film adaptation!

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  2. 008 Gregory O’Malley, Final Passages: The Intercolonial Slave Trade of British America, 1619-1807

    The Middle Passage forced millions of African men, women, and children to migrate across the Atlantic Ocean, but did you know that there existed an even more deadly voyage for slaves?

    For many Africans the journey into slavery did not end with their arrival at a Caribbean entrepôt such as Barbados or Jamaica. 

    After their transatlantic journey, many captives had to embark on a second, deadlier voyage to their new homes. 


    In this episode we explore this second, deadlier voyage with Gregory O’Malley, author of the new book, Final Passages: The Intercolonial Slave Trade of British America, 1619-1807.


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  3. Verity! Episode 29 – A Day in the Lives |

    We made it, guys! The 50th anniversary special has come, kicked booty, and gone again. Join Deb, Erika, Liz, Lynne, and Tansy as we marvel at many things including the ways Doctor Who brings people together, the utter joy of seeing three Doctors on screen together for So Many Minutes, the genius of working in Billie…

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