Drupalize.Me Podcast 35 : Object Oriented PHP | Lullabot

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  1. Drupal Voices 197: Aaron Winborn on the Media module for Drupal 7 | Lullabot

    Aaron Winborn of Advomatic provides an update on the Media module for Drupal 7, which is being used to manage media files on Acquia's Drupal Gardens sites. He talks about how the media module is one of the first modules to use the new File API and how it treats media uploads as field entities as well as the types of things that you can do with media in Drupal 7 that was not possible in Drupal 6. http://www.lullabot.com/podcasts/drupal-voices-197-aaron-winborn-on-media-module-drupal-7?utm_source=feedburner

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  2. Drupal Voices 03: Brad Bowman on Drupal Usability Testing

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    Brad Bowman of Aten Design talks about the Usability Testing of Drupal 7 that happened at the University of Baltimore the week before Drupalcon.

    You can read more details on the Usability Testing Drupalcon session here and watch it here. More details at: http://drupalusability.org http://drupal.org/project/issues/search/drupal?issue_tags=UBUserTesting2http://drupal.org/community-initiatives/drupal-core/usability

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  3. Janez Urevc on Media in Drupal 8 | Acquia

    I spoke with Slovenian Drupalist-extraordinary Janez Urevc at Drupal Camp Vienna 2013. Alongside being a Drupal developer at examiner.com, he is also a major force in everything media+Drupal. Janez is slashrsm on Drupal.org, Twitter and "all the other online services you can imagine." He's on the team planning Drupal Camp Alpe-Adria 2014, which will be in the beautiful Slovenian resort town of Portoroz in May. Knowing the wonderful Drupal community in Slovenia (and the region around it) and the fantastic location, I highly recommend this camp!


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  4. Drupalize.Me Podcast 2: Jen Lampton and Twig in Core | Lullabot

    Join Addi chats while she chats with Jen Lampton about her Drupal history, her current work in Drupal 8, and big, scary animals. Jen is leading up the charge to get a new theme system into Drupal core, based on the Twig template engine, so we talk quite a bit about what that means, how it would change Drupal, and how everyone can help make it happen.


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  5. Lullabot Podcast #70: Upgrades and Catching up

    Addi Berry, Angie Byron, James Walker, and Jeff Robbins catch up with Drupal, the Drupal.org upgrade, and talk about upgrading Drupal sites in general.

    In general Drupal news, we talk about the upcoming Usability sprint and how you can still help, the recent Drupal Association elections, a new draft of the Drupal trademark policy and Drupalcon excitement.

    This week's pick: Cobalt module

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