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  1. Material #173: In Protest of the Notch - Relay FM

    Andy has access to Project Stream, and Flo has a suggestion for a voice-activated trashcan. (If any of this interests you, click here for more!)


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  2. Material #152: Will YouTube Music Fix Everything? - Relay FM

    Andy and Flo are left wondering about YouTube Music and its impact on Google’s future as a music provider. Is porn next? Probably not, but this is a warning that there’s talk of porn on this week’s episode.


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  3. Material #150: Material and chill - Relay FM

    Russell joins Andy and Flo once more to recap the Google I/O 2018 keynote. The three discuss everything from Google Duplex’s human-like intonations to their shared disappointment over still not being able to remove fences from photos.


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  4. Material #149: A New Adventure - Relay FM

    This week, Russell has a very important announcement. The trio then delves into a very riveting discussion about what life will be like for Google users after Google I/O.


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  5. Material #147: Hello, Is It The PoPo You’re Looking For? - Relay FM

    Flo sets off alarm bells. Andy can’t get no satisfaction from Google Play Music. Russell unearths more youths from our listener hordes. Also Chrome muting autoplay videos, Pixelbook getting dual boot, Google maps gets street smarts and NIGHTWATCH.


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  6. Material #122: Colourful Pixels - Relay FM

    Russell has an announcement about the Great Pixel Race. Flo has all the Pixels. Andy has none. Despite taking a brief detour into International Date Formats the crew discuss colour management, screen issues and all things Pixel 2 this week.


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  7. Material #103: Coalers And Uties - Relay FM

    Andy gets a YouTube strike. Russell still thinks his S8 is cool. Flo goes to town with a FLIR camera to prove him wrong. Manu leaves the Apple orchard and brings his chips to Google.


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  8. Material #88: Precious Unicorns - Relay FM

    Yasmine is back after a mysterious hiatus. Russell is back after sprinting for 3 days straight. Andy isn’t back, because he never left. We talk about jerks, MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS, YouTube TV, and creatures procreating inside your phone.


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  9. Material #83: All About Millennials - Relay FM

    Andy taps out and is replaced by someone with the coolest name in the world. Allo Allo, Yasmine ranks you below Duo. Russell struggles to write show notes on Australia Day. Has he been drinking?


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  10. Material #1: Switcheroo - Relay FM

    In episode 1 Andy, Russell and Yasmine explore what enticed them switch to Android, what keeps them there and the role koala’s with spy skills play in global espionage.


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