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  1. Game Show | Wayne Gretzky (Episode 124)

    From Wild, swingin’ Swaziland to the frozen north of Canada, there’s nothing better than getting a bunch of friends together to play trivia games — even when Trivial Pursuit changes how its own cards work. AGAIN.


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  2. Game Show | That Bear! (Episode 96)

    We’re back with even more randomly selected trivia questions from even more random editions of Trivial Pursuit! Star Wars! Doctor Who! Religion questions for kids! No subject is too obscure, and no question is too easy.

    Game Night


    2, 2018

    1 hour, 21 minutes

    Erika Ensign

    with Annette Wierstra, Dan Moren, Deborah Stanish, Katrina Griffiths, Scott McNulty and Steven Schapansky


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  3. Game Show | Baseballers (Episode 74)

    Our game of random trivia returns, with players randomly assigned one of 72 different categories across 12 different boxes of Trivial Pursuit questions. From Doctor Who companions to very loosely defined Leisure questions, our contestants will truly be tested in their knowledge of random stuff.

    Game Night


    8, 2017

    1 hour, 19 minutes

    Erika Ensign

    with Jason Snell, Glenn Fleishman, Kathy Campbell, Antony Johnston and Monty Ashley


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  4. Game Show | You’re Rolling Like Terrible People (Episode 72)

    Random Pursuit returns! In this game, players have to answer questions from random categories randomly selected across 12 different editions of Trivial Pursuit! And this time things get a little dark… and a little blue. Glenn’s kids, look away! (And all other kids, too, probably). They say sex and death make for good drama… who knew they were for good trivia contests, too?


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  5. Game Show | Game Night: Golfing with Hitler (Episode 13)

    This month on Game Night, we take a second spin at playing Trivial Pursuit—the original Genus Edition from the 1980s, of course. Strangely enough, things get a little scatological when we get to the brown spaces.

    Game Night

    June 13, 2015

    2 hours, 1 minute

    Jason Snell

    with Monty Ashley, David J. Loehr, Erika Ensign, Dan Moren, Tony Sindelar, Steve Lutz and Philip Michaels


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