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  1. Thoroughly Considered #51: Puppet Notebook - Relay FM

    Myke, Tom, and Dan chat about the new Studio Neat product, Totebook!


    —Huffduffed by cstrauber

  2. Cortex #80: Ice Fortress - Relay FM

    Grey conquered a deadline, Myke is in love all over again, and Slack has a new logo.


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  3. Cortex #71: Dark Synergy - Relay FM

    Myke is getting married and reveals the mystery of his watch, Grey is intrigued about iOS 12 Notifications, and they both talk about the listeners of Cortex.


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  4. Playing for Fun #5: Firewatch - Relay FM

    “Hey Delilah”

    “Yes Henry”

    “There’s a beautiful meadow down here”

    “Yeah, isn’t it peaceful”


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  5. Remaster #57: Take all Sides - Relay FM

    Federico considers buying an Xbox One X, Myke is super excited about some cardboard, and Shahid interviews Michael French about The London Games Festival.


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  6. Thoroughly Considered #21: The Way it Goes - Relay FM

    This week Tom and Dan tell Myke the story of the Canopy, before giving an update on Glif production.


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  7. Cortex #40: The Rules for Rulers - Relay FM

    Grey finally finished a big project, Myke bought a ticket to Vidcon, and they are both very excited about a piece of paper.


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  8. Thoroughly Considered #15: The New Glif - Relay FM

    Here we go again! Listen as Tom and Dan show Myke the new Glif ​just​ before they get ready to launch the Kickstarter campaign, then hear how it’s going 5 hours in.


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  9. The Pen Addict #152: A Hot Mess of a Pencil - Relay FM

    We take a break from your regularly scheduled pen talk to bring you all of the mechanical pencil info you will ever need! Brad talks about his likes, dislikes, and some pencils that just don’t cut it at all.


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  10. 5by5 | The Prompt #20: TAKE ACTION

    This week on The Prompt, Federico, Myke and Stephen talk about new apps, complain about the miserable service that is iWork for iCloud and think aloud about FaceTime Audio.


    —Huffduffed by cstrauber

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