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  1. Incomparable Radio Theater - a podcast from The Incomparable

    In anticipation of our first original season of Incomparable Radio Theater coming later this year, we’re re-presenting the material from the two previous radio theater episodes of The Incomparable as a sort of “season zero.”

    In this episode, Timmy Preston and the Galaxy Scouts discover a mysterious stowaway and The Fog and Margo encounter a man and some menhirs. Plus: Carl Phillips and The Gotham News Roundup.

    Written by David J. Loehr

    Directed by Serenity Caldwell

    Produced and edited by Jason Snell

    Original music by Christopher Breen

    Lex Friedman as FQN Announcer

    Philip Michaels as Carl Phillips

    Dan Frakes as Sports Announcer

    John Siracusa as Howie Koch


    Andy Ihnatko as Announcer

    Steve Lutz as Timmy Preston

    Monty Ashley as Scoutmaster Greene

    Serenity Caldwell as Jane Witten

    Jamie and Julian Snell as Scouts Andy and Bobby

    Dan Moren as Angus MacHeath

    THE FOG: “Sing a Song… of Murder”

    Steve Lutz as Announcer

    Dan Moren as St. Clair / The Fog

    Glenn Fleishman as Seldon Harris III

    Serenity Caldwell as Margo Drummond

    Sarah Barbour as Woman

    Ben Boychuk as Man

    Scott McNulty as Guard

    Steve Lutz as Guard 2

    Philip Michaels as Coffee Man

    Lisa Schmeiser as Coffee Woman

    Monty Ashley as Caterer

    and the Spoiler Horn as The Foghorn


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