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  1. 5by5 | Tech Douchebags #49: The Mac Convert

    Vic Hudson shares his experience making the transition from PC to Mac, how he’s battle-hardened from having to fix and maintain his Windows machine all the time, and how the older he gets, the less he’s inclined to experiment and tinker with things.


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  2. 5by5 | Tech Douchebags #32: The Fave Star

    Joe Rosensteel explains his obsession with favoriting tweets, using them to ease the apprehension of jumping into conversations, dealing with asymmetric relationships built on Twitter, and how he enjoys seeing the minutiae of other people’s lives.


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  3. 5by5 | Tech Douchebags #27: The Watch Lover

    Lex Friedman grasps at a justification to buy an Apple Watch even when he doesn’t use the smartwatches he currently owns, how he thinks it’ll help with his phone-checking obsession & how his purchases are a byproduct of his jealousy of other's use cases.


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  4. 5by5 | Tech Douchebags #22: The Book Hoarder

    Scott McNulty of The Incomparable shares his pathological need to buy more books despite the 1000+ that remain unread, his obsession with e-ink devices, his fascination with the Oxford English Dictionary, and how compulsion fuels the "nerd" economy.


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  5. 5by5 | Tech Douchebags #8: The Optimized Dater

    Virginia Roberts a.k.a. The Heartographer shares how she deals with the non-tech savvy who want to try online dating, how different demographics deal with ‘living in public’, and whether or not nerds overthink how we’re viewed by the world.


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