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  1. Erasable • A podcast by and for those who love wooden pencils

    Erasable Episode 1 [ 1:10:48 | 0.01 MB ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (186)

    So the audio’s a little rough, and we ramble about the philosophical implications of writing with wooden pencils, but Erasable is up and live with our inaugural episode! We’re starting off with some basics: our origin stories, why we started blogging about pencils, our top favorites, and the characteristics of a good pencil.

    We’ll be back next time with a glossary episode: the terms we use when we talk about pencils.

    Show Notes and Links notes

    Johnny Gamber: PencilRevolution.com

    Tim Wasem: TheDailyCarry.com TheWritingArsenal.com

    Andy Welfle: Woodclinched.com

    What pencils are you using right now?


    Triograph Review

    Staedtler Full HB


    Wopex Review

    New Palomino


    New Palomino B

    Field Notes pencil

    Top 5 pencils:


    Field Notes pencil

    Palomino Blackwing 602

    The Dixon Laddie


    Musgrave Testing 100


    Palomino Golden Bear

    Palomino Blackwing 602

    Midori Bullet pencil

    General’s Semi-Hex

    Helix Oxford


    General’s Layout pencil

    Blue Palomino (no eraser)

    CedarPoint pencil

    “Something German” like a Staedtler Mars or a Noris

    Fat Dixon pencil

    Where do you go to get pencils?









    Links mentioned in this episode:

    Little Flower Petals

    Gunther from Lexhaliker

    Matthias from Beistift

    Faultless pencil clip

    Musgrave Pencil Company

    Fabber Castle episode of The Pen Addict

    Dudek Modern Goods Custom “Groove” Review | The Writing Arsenal

    Pen Addict #96: I’m Attached To Pencils

    How its made: pencil episode.

    Design for pencil set made from cremated human reamains

    The Pen Addict

    Anderson Pens podcast

    Philosophize This podcast

    La Vie Graphite

    Game of Pencils

    Pencil Fighting League


    KUM special diameter sharpener

    Pens and Pencils mentioned in this episode:

    PaperMate American Naturals

    Zebra #2 mechanical pencil

    Fisher Space Pen

    Palomino Blackwing Pearl

    Ticonderoga 13882

    Faber-Castell Grip 2001

    Rhodia pencil

    Triangular Golden Bears

    Yikes! pencils

    Yikes fountain of all knowledge

    Norica pencils on sale at Staples

    Mitsubishi 9850

    Tombow 2558

    Ticonderoga Noir


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