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  1. Recently Played | Zeppelin Day Gift Draft (Episode 6)

    We’re celebrating Zeppelin Day this year by drafting our favorite video game consoles, games, toys, merch, and other gifts and putting them under the tree. Be prepared to feel very, very jealous for the kid we’re giving all of these gifts to, but don’t worry because your Cool Uncle Moises will still slip you a very large eShop gift card.


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  2. Saga of Rereading Epics | Why Read These Books? (Episode 1)

    In the inaugural episode of this read-along podcast, Erika and Lisa try to convince you that Julian May’s Saga of Pliocene Exile and Galactic Milieu series are well worth reading, even if they are a bit hard to find.

    You have fair warning before they dive into hardcore spoilers about the series as a whole and what they expect for this re-read.


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