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  1. Dream Machine’s Alexia Bonatsos makes a surprisingly good case for an Airbnb for horses

    Alexia Bonatsos has watched countless startups come and go. First as the editor in chief of TechCrunch, and now in her current role as the founder of venture capital firm Dream Machine, Bontasos’ job has been to understand what makes a tech company succeed. “A lot of it’s gut, but gut’s not magical woo-woo dust,” she says. “It’s taking in data and information, and eventually making a decision based on that.”Bonatsos has seen thousands of companies, and so on today’s episode of Converge, we turned the tables. Using two decks of cards — one with a set of famous companies, and the other with a set of random nouns — we invited Bonatsos to draw two cards, and pitch us the resulting company.


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  2. Query #34: An Over-Pinner - Relay FM

    Apple has opened a repair program for its notebook keyboard, and Serenity is using a new notes app.


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  3. Connected #198: The Prompt - Relay FM

    To celebrate five years of podcasting together, Myke, Federico and Stephen do what they do best: talk about iOS betas, ponder photo management and screw up a round robin.


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  4. Special Episode: Katrin Eismann On Street Photography With The New Sony RX100 VI Camera | Sony | Alpha Universe

    Street photographer, educator and Sony Artisan Of Imagery Katrin Eismann on how she used the new RX100 VI around New York


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  5. Playing for Fun #5: Firewatch - Relay FM

    “Hey Delilah”

    “Yes Henry”

    “There’s a beautiful meadow down here”

    “Yeah, isn’t it peaceful”


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  6. B-Sides #33: Trying New Things at WWDC - Relay FM

    Casey Liss and David Smith discuss the process and feelings around photographing the ATP and Relay FM live events.

    Recorded at the Podcast Studio at WWDC 2018.


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  7. The Human Version of a Minimalist Desk — Do By Friday — Overcast


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  8. Material #152: Will YouTube Music Fix Everything? - Relay FM

    Andy and Flo are left wondering about YouTube Music and its impact on Google’s future as a music provider. Is porn next? Probably not, but this is a warning that there’s talk of porn on this week’s episode.


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  9. Mac Power Users #432: MPU+: Walking Down The Hallway On The Internet - Relay FM

    David and Katie share what’s on their minds this month including the end of the Airport Era, David’s thoughts on the state of Notes apps including Bear and Apple Notes, surviving a house fire, thoughts on the iPhone X, Refurbs, and more.


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  10. Under the Radar #134: WWDC Tips - Relay FM

    Packing, preparation, and logistical tips for a happy, healthy, and productive WWDC.


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