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  1. Mark Hertling: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Gamer - The Bulwark

    The military runs on young soldiers, and sometimes, chatroom braggarts who want to share classified documents get recruited too. Plus, the real world damage in Ukraine from the leaks, and Putin’s paranoia. Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling joins Charlie Sykes today.

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  2. Manly Seamanship - Lions, Towers & Shields #73 - The Incomparable

    We return to Huston (John) and Bogart, but there’s also Lauren Bacall, Claire Trevor (Oscar winner for this), Edward G. Robinson and more. The cast is trapped together in a Florida hotel, awaiting a hurricane. It’s a film noir, so there are secrets and gun play, plus the eventual storm to contend with. And a boat.


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  3. Episode 545: Lawful Evil - Core Intuition

    Daniel quits Twitter! Manton and Daniel talk about how everybody has a “last straw” when they quit Twitter. They compare Manton’s frustrations with Twitter 10 years ago and the new problems with Elon Musk’s Twitter. Is Mastodon a viable alternative to Twitter, and how is Facebook evil different than Twitter evil? Then they think about what kind of leader would have to come in to potentially save Twitter in the way that Steve Jobs came back to Apple.


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