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  1. Episode 545: Lawful Evil - Core Intuition

    Daniel quits Twitter! Manton and Daniel talk about how everybody has a “last straw” when they quit Twitter. They compare Manton’s frustrations with Twitter 10 years ago and the new problems with Elon Musk’s Twitter. Is Mastodon a viable alternative to Twitter, and how is Facebook evil different than Twitter evil? Then they think about what kind of leader would have to come in to potentially save Twitter in the way that Steve Jobs came back to Apple.


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  2. There are No Tigers in Mexico - Lions, Towers & Shields #30 - The Incomparable

    Bogart, Huston and Holt go hunting for gold in Mexico, and they find it. But it’s unlikely they’ll get to keep it. John Huston’s 1947 “Treasure of the Sierra Madre” includes some of the best performances of the three lead actors’ careers, and a lot of visual flourishes, social commentary and a giant blob of irony.


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  3. Where or When: The Second Hand Unwinds - Incomparable Radio Theater #3.9 - The Incomparable

    Check out our co-production with Lost Girls Theatre, a time-traveling beach read of a romcom, Where or When, created by Andie Arthur and David J. Loehr.

    Meet Liv and Will, living their happily ever after. She’s an event planner, he’s a university librarian. All is right with their world.

    And then, the university is bequeathed an estate named Avalon…

    Get lost with us in the worlds of Where or When.

    If you enjoyed this episode and want to hear more, the first five episodes are already available here, with five more to go this season. The timelines get ever more tangled, and what’s that? Could a certain time traveler familiar to Radio Theater listeners show up at some point? Could be…


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  4. Episode 57 Lust for a Vampire – Hammer House of Podcast

    Hello! And welcome to the fifty-fifth episode of Hammer House of Podcast, where Paul Cornell (The Modern Frankenstein, Doctor Who) and Lizbeth Myles (Big Finish, Verity!) discuss, in order of UK release, every horror movie made by Hammer Film Productions between 1955 and 1976, from The Quatermass Xperiment to To the Devil… A DaughterThis month's…


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  5. Micro Monday - 100: A Conversation About Micro.blog, with special guest Patrick Rhone

    A special episode to mark a milestone for the Micro Monday podcast. Manton and Jean talk with Patrick Rhone, who previously appeared on Episode 4. We take a look at how Micro.blog has evolved and where it’s going, focusing on these questions:

    How important are independent blogs, considering what we have seen elsewhere in social media?

    How has Micro.blog and the community evolved?

    How could Micro.blog be improved?

    Our pets share opinions too.


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