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  1. The Happy Place 1 - Lizbeth Myles

    Dave is joined in this inaugural episode by writer and podcaster Lizbeth Myles who brings a list filled with history, nudity, horror and cuddly toys. She reveals the podcast that led to her falling off a ladder, why she is drawn to an unpopular character class and Dave gets a chance to express his love of the film Biggles.   You can listen to Liz on Verity and Hammer House of Podcast.

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  2. Jerusalem went to Jared

    Tommy talks with Politico’s foreign affairs correspondent Nahal Toosi about Trump’s controversial decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Then they discussed news reports indicating Rex Tillerson’s disastrous tenure as Secretary of State may be coming to a close. It was lit. 


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  3. Query #30: Pure Joy - Relay FM

    Serenity remembers her Bondi Blue iMac before getting into the age-old debate of purchasing an iPad Pro or MacBook with Stephen. Then, message threading woes and more in the Speed Run.

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  4. Material #150: Material and chill - Relay FM

    Russell joins Andy and Flo once more to recap the Google I/O 2018 keynote. The three discuss everything from Google Duplex’s human-like intonations to their shared disappointment over still not being able to remove fences from photos.

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  5. Mac Power Users #430: Catching up with Marco Arment - Relay FM

    Marco Arment Returns to Mac Power Users to discuss the state of the Mac, the iMac Pro, Apple’s laptops, Overcast, privacy, digital cameras and more.

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  6. Understanding Deception: Rex Sorgatz on Misinformation — Track Changes — Overcast

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  7. Material #149: A New Adventure - Relay FM

    This week, Russell has a very important announcement. The trio then delves into a very riveting discussion about what life will be like for Google users after Google I/O.

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  8. Episode 53: In Search of Apple TV Apps – AppStories

    Federico and John cover how they use the Apple TV and highlight a handful of notable Apple TV apps.

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  9. “Hi” is chaotic evil

    Our boss is notorious for typing this in the work chat, so we decided to stage an intervention.Read Casey’s story.Find Casey on Twitter (@caseyjohnston).Find Erika on Twitter (@EriFaith).Produced and hosted by James T. Green (@_jamestgreen).Send us your feedback at @OutlineDispatch.And if you love us, rate us five stars in Apple Podcasts, and tell a special life person about us.


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  10. Black Liberation Theology, in its Founder’s Words : NPR

    The Rev. James H. Cone founded black liberation theology, which has roots in 1960s civil-rights activism. In an interview with Terry Gross, he explains the movement — and comments on controversial sermons by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama’s longtime minister and a black liberation theology proponent.

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