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  1. The Pandemic Lessons We Clearly Haven’t Learned • The Ezra Klein Show - Podcast Addict

    The Pandemic Lessons We Clearly Haven’t Learned • The Ezra Klein Show - via Podcast Addict | I remember thinking, as Covid ravaged the country in December 2


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  2. Ep. 95: Saladin Ahmed & Talia Lavin – Go Fact Yourself

    Practice that evil laugh — it’s a brand new episode of Go Fact Yourself! Saladin Ahmed is an Eisner Award-winning comic book writer who prides himself on showcasing truly lived-in worlds. He says that whether you’re writing a story set in the Marvel universe or Detroit, the little details matter. But he’s also helped affect …Read More


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  3. 1. Why You’d Want to Buy a New MacBook, Plus a Smart Ring for Women

    Welcome to Gizmodo’s inaugural episode of Gadgettes, a podcast where we womansplain technology! Join Florence Ion and Caitlin McGarry every week as we break down the intel on all the latest gadgets. 

    This week, we’re fresh off a batch of gadget reviews. Caitlin walks us through the new features of the MacBook Pro and the abilities of its M1 Max chip. Then, Victoria joins us to talk about the new Oura Ring and its improved tracking features. We’ll also talk about our favorite parts of Halloween and why the phrase "Google it" is a bonafide insult.

    Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @Gizmodo or send us an email at gadgettes@gizmodo.com!


    • The Famous Oura Smart Ring Is Getting Even Smarter


    • The Pixel 6 Is So Good, Why Buy Anything Else?


    • The Ultra-Powerful New MacBook Pro Is Top Notch (Sorry, Sorry, Trying to Delete)


    • Google’s New Indoor Nest Cam Is a Stylish Upgrade With an Annoying App

    https://gizmodo.com/googles-new-indoor-nest-cam-is-a-stylish-upgrade-with-a-1847875 946


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  4. Gaming Checkpoint – DTNS Experiment Week – Daily Tech News Show

    Gaming Checkpoint gives you an overview of what’s going on around the console scene, covering hardware options, online play, and near future outlook. Whether you’re a lapsed gamer looking to dive back into this generation or are getting into console gaming for the first time, this episode will cover what Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony have…


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  5. Game Show | Cleveland Browns Callback (Episode 161)

    It’s Trivial Retreat, the game where we play the original Genus edition of Trivial Pursuit backward, where players must invent or guess the questions and categories based entirely on what’s on the back of the card. In this episode, a brave group ponders the history of the NFL, the only international war crime tribunal to usurp the executive powers of the U.S. government, and a diminutive Muppet troll.


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