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  1. The Robot, The Unicorn & Parties | The Robot and the Unicorn

    We have our Robot and Unicorn Holiday Party a little bit late, as Kathy had some cider before and Alex drinks her Diet Coke and Vodka. Kathy talks about a Murder Mystery party that they had years ago. We also talk about which Apple Executive we would be and that leads down a rabbit hole to talking about Apple Retail and how we think it should be fixed.


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  2. Cortex #80: Ice Fortress - Relay FM

    Grey conquered a deadline, Myke is in love all over again, and Slack has a new logo.


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  3. Game Show | There Are No Letters in Our Bingo (Episode 104)

    Perhaps it’s just his British charm? Perhaps it’s the rolled Rs? Somehow, Antony Johnston has once again convinced a group of North Americans to answer questions from a decades-old UK 20th Anniversary Edition of Trivial Pursuit, leading them into a sick world of cricket and boy bands. Who will hit it off the pitch for six? (Did we do that right?)


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  4. Make Do 23: It All Sparks Joy, OK? — Make Do — Overcast


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  5. Longform Podcast #327: Julie Snyder · Longform

    Julie Snyder, one of the first producers at This American Life, is the co-creator of Serial and S-Town. “I am constantly second-guessing myself. I am full of regret and recrimination all the time. I don’t pride myself on it cause it probably goes too far,


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  6. The Robot, The Unicorn & The Posting | The Robot and the Unicorn

    Your favorite robot and unicorn are back! Our systems have been upgraded and glitterfied and we’re ready to talk about all sorts of good things. Included in this episode is talk of showers, body hair and shaving, and our emotional holidays.

    We also have a main topic of social media - how it’s used in our lives, why we post things on social media, and how to set expectations for ourselves and others.

    Then they finish up the end of the podcast with a discussion about feelings in general and how they influence our decisions.


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  7. Heavy Petting | Do By Friday

    This week’s challenge: have a holiday party.


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  8. Episode 90: Taking iOS Photography Further with RAW Camera Apps and Editors – AppStories

    This week, Federico and John take on iOS photography by discussing some of their favorite RAW camera apps and photo editors.


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  9. Song Exploder | Episode 150: Fleetwood Mac

    Lindsey Buckhingham of Fleetwood Mac breaks down "Go Your Own Way" from the band’s seminal album "Rumours."



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  10. Photographing the Oregon Coast with Rod Barbee - Out of Chicago Photography

    http://media.blubrry.com/outofchicago/p/content.blubrry.com/outofchicago/Interview_with_Rod_Barbee_mixdown.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS | MoreRod Barbee is the author of The Photographer’s Guide to the Oregon Coast and he will be one of our instructors at our 3rd annual Landscape Photography Conference, Out of Oregon! Learn more about Rod at rodbarbee.com. Find out more about the Out of …


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