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  1. BONANZA 37: Of Course They Are, They’re Llamas — BONANZA — Overcast


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  2. Dorito Body | Two Headed Girl

    Welcome to Two Headed Girl: a show about gender, our minds, and all kinds of transitions.

    Mattie and Alex try to define different types dysphoria while looking back at some of the changes from the last two years.


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  3. Infractions for Everyone | Do By Friday

    This week’s challenge: get directed by our editor Quinn.



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  4. B-Sides #39: Clockwise 316: Very Onerous to Press Buttons - Relay FM

    When Mikah disappears, Dan, Lisa Schmeiser, and Matthew Cassinelli end up having an impromptu discussion on technology, privacy, and ethics.


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  5. Schiavo’s Tubes | Do By Friday

    This week’s challenge: eat and easy protein breakfast.


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  6. Game Show | Resources and Wood and Stuff (Episode 118)

    Let’s play TL;DR, the game of hasty summaries and reckless connections! Two teams compete against each other, and the clock, to show off how little they know about anything that isn’t Marvel. Watch out for Quinn’s surprising deep cuts, and a new ‘Lizzing’ record!



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  7. Ungeniused #87: The Buttered Toast Phenomenon & Buttered Cat Paradox - Relay FM

    If toast always lands butter-side down, and cats always land on their feet, what happens when a cat falls off a table with a piece of toast strapped to its back?


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  8. PictureMethodsPicture Methods Podcast #8

    This is the flagship podcast of the PictureMethods blog where we deliver free insights and inspiration for photographers


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  9. Mac Power Users #498: Back to School with Jake Wilson - Relay FM

    Stephen and David chat with Jake Wilson, an elementary school principal — and a student himself — about using technology in and beyond the classroom, ranging from smart boards and shortcuts to Google Docs and waffles.


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  10. Boris Johnson goes prorogue – Politics Weekly podcast | Politics | The Guardian

    Jessica Elgot and her guests react to the prime minister’s suspension of parliament for five weeks from mid-September


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