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  1. D&D Penny Arcade Podcast: Series One, Episode 1

    The folks at Penny Arcade and PvP sat down with R&D’s Chris Perkins to play 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons (for some of them, it was their very first game of D&D). How did it go? Well, they recorded the entire session—which we’re thrilled to offer in episodic podcasts, along Penny Arcade comics commemorating the game!

    In this episode, the players make their most difficult decision: What to name their characters. And although they don’t quite meet the infamous rat king, they do experience the horrors of a rat swarm.

    —Huffduffed by cssquirrel

  2. D&D Penny Arcade Podcast: Series Two, Episode 8

    Here we go, folks – the final episode in our second series of podcasts with Acquisitions Inc. How will it end? The necromancer has the party on the ropes… can they hold him off? Or will they simply surrender in ignominy?

    * Jim Darkmagic: back from the grave, but kicking ass… until he dies again!
    * Binwin: out of healing surges, and in definite need of an extended rest!
    * Omin: unable to roll higher than negative numbers!
    * Al: bloodied, taking necrotic damage, but still the only one who can go toe-to-toe with a necromancer!

    We won’t spoil the ending, but will say this isn’t the end of the adventure… at least for those wishing to follow in the footsteps of Acquisitions Inc. Look for the podcast scenario to appear in a future issue of Dungeon Magazine!

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  3. D&D Penny Arcade Podcast: Series Two, Episode 7

    It starts with a scream. It continues with a battle standard being planted (augmented with another scream). And it ends with archers perforating Binwin… and Jim Darkmagic struggling to regain consciousness.

    In this episode, Acquisitions Inc. learns the benefit of pushing undead things off ledges. And we, the audience, hear the sound of a dwarf standing up.

    Does playing more D&D increase your skill with rolling dice? Does 19 work for you? Do you remember Rudy the Undead Hound? Let’s find out….

    —Huffduffed by cssquirrel

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