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  1. Content, Structure & Style - Squarespace Listener Q&A

    In this exciting episode, we bid farewell to Eric as he moves on to bigger and better things, and Brandon joined the show full-time.

    After we covered the administrative matters, we opened the mail bag to answer your questions about Squarespace. Do you need a custom design? How is Squarespace doing as a business in the blogging/content management system market? How do you integrate a calendar with Squarespace?

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  2. Content, Structure & Style - The Squarespace TDK (Template Development Kit): Episode 103

    Squarespace fanned the flames of anticipatation for long-awated version 6 of hosted web publishing system with news of a template development kit being tweaked by Squarespace engineers and designers as we speak.

    Hosts Alan, Josh and special guest Brandon Davenport from popular Squarespace tech site Okay Geek, dive in and examine the Squarespace TDK as well as a few other Squarespace news tidbits. What did you think of the Squarespace TDK?

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  3. The Squarespace Site Hand-off: Episode 101

    Welcome to the very first episode of Content, Structure & Style, an unofficial Squarespace podcast. Episode 101 sees hosts Alan Houser, Eric Anderson and Josh Braaten begin the series with a brief intro on why they created a podcast specifically for the Squarespace community.

    The fellas then go on to discuss the topic of the day. Our friend Kyle Keesling writes, “Do you have any tips for building, then handing off a Squarespace site to a client?”

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