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  1. #309: DAN CARLIN

    Historian and podcaster Dan Carlin joins Dr. Drew for a wide ranging conversation of a variety of historical topics that Drew wants clarification on as well as discussing Dans exceptional podcast Hardcore History.

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  2. The Lawfare Podcast, Episode #93: Hardcore Dan Carlin - Lawfare

    A few weeks ago, I began listening to a podcast called Hardcore History, which is the brainchild of a fellow named Dan Carlin. Carlin was doing a series of episodes on World War I, and Hardcore History is—-let’s just say—-a different sort of podcast. The episodes are very long, very involved, and to me at least, completely riveting. Honestly, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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  3. Too Much Money and Too Few Ideas (Peter Thiel at Brain Bar)

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    Do you think technology is overtaking us? Legendary investor Peter Thiel thinks the problem is the exact opposite: general stagnation.

    How does Christianity affect the decisions of the world’s most influential venture capitalist? Why does he think that supporting Donald Trump is the least controversial decision he ever made? Why is it important not to rely only on your instincts or science in investing? Watch as he retells a critical board meeting with Mark Zuckerberg in 2006 when they decided not to sell Facebook to Yahoo!

    Brain Bar, the biggest European festival on the future brings together the world’s most exciting visions. Brain Bar creates the stage for top trendsetters, decision-makers and challengers to exchange ideas in unusual and unrestrained conversation.

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  4. Law Podcasting Episode 12 – David (MacSparky) of Mac Power Users | The Law Podcasting Podcast

    David “MacSparky” Sparks

    “Stick to a schedule

    Don’t go too general

    Focus on audio quality”

    –David Sparks,

    Mac Power Users

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    | Download (Duration: 37:38 — 30.2MB)

    My guest for this session is David Sparks, A business lawyer from Orange County, California,  and a self proclaimed geek. David is also a podcaster, blogger, and author who writes about finding the best tools, hardware, and workflows for using Apple products to get work done. David   writes for Macworld magazine and speaks about technology pretty much all over the place.

    Find the podcast at:  David’s blog, books and other materials are available on his Website at


    Some of the resources mentioned in this podcast:

    David’s Books:

    Macsparky Field Guide: Presentations

    Macsparky Field Guide:  Email

    Macsparky Field Guide:  Paperless 

    Macsparky Field Guide: Markdown

    60 Mac Tips – Volume 1 (with Brett Terpstra)

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