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  1. Even Faster Web Sites

    Steve is the author of High Performance Web Sites and the creator of YSlow, the Firebug extension. Now working at Google, Steve discusses the next set of best practices he’s developed, including advanced techniques for loading JavaScript, where not to place inline scripts, and the importance of using multiple domains to improve web performance.

    Steve Souders, Google

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  2. Jeremy Keith {27} Still Brighton at 3am

    In issue #27, we keep Jeremy Keith awake at 3am, discussing Clearleft, Javascript, Huffduffer, Microformats and Salter Cane.

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  3. Remy Sharp talks jQuery

    Remy Sharp is the creator of jQuery for Designers, a superb collection of screencasts and tutorials for adding jquery to your website.


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  4. Bruce Sterling: The Short but Glorious Life of Web 2.0, And What Comes Afterward

    Recorded at Webstock 2009


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