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  1. What your Startup Can Learn from Barack Obama and Howard Dean made more money online than most startups. So did Howard Dean before him. We’ve spent so much time talking about what happened, but little about how it applies to you. We will go in depth on their strategies from the top consultants and strategists from the 2008 election cycle. We won’t be talking about what happened, but rather about how it applies to you and your startup.

    Jake Brewer, Energy Action Coalition

    Scott Goodstein, Revolution Messaging LLC

    Mary Katharine Ham, Weekly Standard

    Clay Johnson, Sunlight Foundation

    Michael Bassik, Air America Media

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  2. Rawking SXSW Year Round: Staying Inspired

    Tips and techniques on how to brings the energy and enthusiasm of SXSW to your professional pursuits and personal life throughout the year.

    Kevin Smokler,

    Silona Bonewald, League of Technical Voters

    Corey Denis, reapandsow

    Kevin Lawver, Music Intelligence Solutions

    Clarence Smith Jr, Do You KNOW Clarence?

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