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  1. Security Now #34 - Public Key Cryptography

    Having discussed symmetric (private) key ciphers during the last two weeks, this week Leo and I examine asymmetric key cryptography, commonly known as "Public Key Cryptography". We begin by examining the first public key cryptosystem, known as the Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange, invented in 1976. Then we describe the operation of general purpose public key cryptosystems such as the one invented by RSA.

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  2. Security Now #31 - Symmetric Stream Ciphers

    Leo and I continue our multi-episode tour of cryptographic technology. This week we analyze the cryptographic operation of secret decoder rings which we use to develop a solid foundation of cryptographic terminology. We then examine the first of two forms of symmetric, private key cryptography known as symmetric stream ciphers. Two weeks from now, after next week’s Q&A episode, we’ll discuss the operation of symmetric block ciphers.

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  3. Security Now #30 - Cryptographic Issues

    Steve and Leo open their multi-week discussion of the operation and technology of cryptography. This first week they start by examining the social consequences and ethical implications of common citizens being empowered with freely available cryptographic technology that no force on Earth - no government agency, no corporation, no private individual - can crack within their lifetimes.

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