Mark Tennant | 100% Noir Interviews, Menorca Pulsar Podcast

For an hour, Mark Tennant talks about subjects related to Art, technique, philosophy, life, education, creativity, etc.

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Mark is one of those free and happy artists who does not set a difference between personal life and professional life. He has been painting since he was 18 and oil painting is as much a part of him as his gray matter is. ‘Nobody said this was easy, not every day is glorious and I must work hard to get the best out of myself’ — says this veteran.

With more than 30 years of experience as a teacher, he takes the challenge of transforming his students very seriously and understands teaching as a creative engine. He thinks of his students as a method essaying team. This philosophy forces him to audit, rethink, compress and refine his artistic processes so that the progress of the students empirically validates the fact that his method works.

Students feed his art and his art feeds the students in a virtuous circle where everyone wins. When he observes his students progressing, he receives a kick of motivation that pushes him to the easel with renewed energy and the conviction that his creative process really works. And you bet it d…

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