Waiting To Dry, Episode 14: Sounding Cheesy With Emilio Villalba

Fresh off the heels of his Booth Gallery in NYC show, Emilio Villalba invites us to his home and studio to talk about how he titles his paintings, the eyeballs he paints, how his environment influences his work, going from animation in LA to painting in SF, music, teaching, how Mark Tennant changed his life, his journey to see Velasquez and a few other things before we get into his painting in progress, “Mother and Child” that he graciously allowed us to share with you. We discuss why Picasso and Willem de Kooning were great(clutch your pearls, realists!) and speculate on who will be remembered from our time. We wrap it up by talking about album cover art. It’s obvious how thoughtful he is about his craft. If you’re a painter of any sort, you’ll really enjoy this one.

Waiting To Dry is the most entertaining least informative art podcast on the planet Earth. Hosted by North Bay Area artists Joshua Lawyer and Sergio Lopez. Sometimes funny, sometimes insightful. New episodes every Tuesday!


Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lP2cmQOKly0
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