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  1. 1: Bootcamps vs. Learning Solo & How to Begin with Ruby on Rails - StartHereFM

    We launched StartHereFM almost a year ago because we believe in the value of online education. Along side that we saw that people new to the web development community got easily overwhelmed. There was a lot of content, but a lack of direction. Everyone seemed to know generally what they should do, but they didn’t know the order. And not knowing the order and pattern to do it can be maddening. Upon talking to people we realized that’s a big reason why a large number of people quit before they realize how fun the chosen hobby/skill/industry they want to learn can be. And we believe this applies to everything, not just web dev.

    Thus, we created StartHereFM. The vision is to be the educational roadmap for all people that are new to any career or industry. The mission is to build amazing and educational multi-media content, that is helpful and inspiring.

    And we started with web development.

    Our first podcast has really grown and we immensely enjoy the community that has gathered around it. Great people, sharing the desire to learn and become great.

    To that end, today represents a landmark as we move closer and strive towards our overall vision. We are bringing another show into the mix, a Ruby on Rails show. If you are a Ruby on Rails fan or if you aspire to learn about Ruby on Rails — please check it out. I am starting from square one and walking through everything I did to learn it and get my first client using the language and framework. It’s going to be a fun adventure, why don’t ya join me.

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