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  1. Ashley Williams — Why the #wasmsummit Website isn’t written in Wasm

    WebAssembly is not here to kill JavaScript. In fact, to be successful, it must not. But let me back up.

    WebAssembly is an exciting new technology that has the ambition to change how and what we program for not only the web, but everywhere. In the case of the web platform, WebAssembly’s promise has led many to declare that WebAssembly’s entrance means the death of JavaScript. This belief is not only reactionary, but deeply short-sighted, and likely to threaten the successful wide-spread adoption of WebAssembly.

    In this talk, we’ll use the WebAssembly Summit website to discuss the uses and misuses of WebAssembly on the web. We’ll explore the historical and material conditions of the web, past and present, to understand how and why the web changes and what its current trajectory is. With this understanding, we’ll explore how WebAssembly can navigate this unique moment and discuss the practical implications of the specification’s growth and better tooling as WebAssembly searches for its place in the web platform and beyond.

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  2. DevChat.TV

    Discussions and Questions:  A Day In The Life Of A React Native Developer


    Peter shares his workflow and setup and environment for work. Peter shares the tools he uses for developing. Nader asks how many monitors Peter uses? Peter mentions only using one monitor.


    Nader says he accomplishes more work with one monitor.


    Nader asks if Peter has done any Android development, or if he is still working in iOS? Nader mentions only working in iOS as well. Peter talks about why he likes working in iOS compared to Android.


    Lee asks about VIM, and ask if Peter could elaborate on how he uses it. Peter talks about the army of VIM plugins he uses as well.


    Kevin talks about his work setup and tool he uses. Kevin mentions using VIM for 20 years, and always discovering new ways to use it. Kevin talks about Moom for configuring his window or screen format or quadrants.


    Kevin talks about learning to use buffers in VIM and toggle through of tab through.


    Peter talks about the coloring issue in VIM. Lee mentions using the Dark theme or background. Nader likes using sublime and bright text. Nader using the dark theme because its easy for him to read.


    Lee mention he doesn’t like VIM. Hates it! Lee talks about using Eclipse and IDEs. Lee using Visual Studio Code for React Native. Lee explains he like IDEs because everything is in one place. Lee also like the EL Captain split screen feature.


    Peter talks about Microsoft Fork Node. Nader mentions that they will soon have some Microsoft guest and they will ask more questions about Node then.


    Nader ask if anyone using for testing. Peter mentions exponent instead. Kevin uses exponent as a default too. Lee mentions using Test Flight.


    Nader asks to share one app with Exponent, one has to be using exponent, right? Kevin explains. 


    Peter talks about Nuclide. Nader asks how that works with iOS simulator.


    Nader ask how do they keep up with what is going on the in community.  What is your way of getting that information. and how do they update to a new version of React Native? Peter talks about his test strategy before finalizing things. Lee mentions going the site for information.  Kevin shares his thought of updates to new versions.


    Nader talks about upgrading. Nader ask about were they for debugging. Kevin talks about going to the console. Lee describes the logging and threads being taken up and slowing down the app. Kevin talks about the app crashing and the red screen of death.


    Nader talks about having a hard time debugging React over React Native. Peter asks if anyone one has tried other console debugging. Kevin talks about styling certain actions, such as a flux action or a network request. Kevin continues the color-coding scheme he does for styling.


    Nader ask if CSS is what is run the console?


    Nader ask “what are your workflows on managing data as far as your flux architecture.” Kevin mentions just using Redux only.


    Nader as how difficult it was to setup Redux with React Native. Lee asks what Redux adds to flux and what Reducers do.  Kevin explains Redux.



    I would like to know more about persistent storage options in React Native, like async storage wrappers and tips about how to implement them?


    Are there any libraries similar to bootstrap for React Native? If I we’re to go create a library similar to bootstrap, how would I go about doing that?

    Resources Mentioned in this Episode


    Visual Studio Code

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  3. DevChat.TV


    Nader Dabit

    Peter Piekarczyk

    Jed Watson

    Lee Johnson

    Brent Vatne

    Discussions and Questions “General Discussion!”


    Brent would you like introduce yourself?


    Can you give us a run down of how you got involved with React Native?


    What about your involvement with the community, how did that get to where it is now?


    Yeah I think your new letter is the highlight of our week!


    Do you get a lot of people contributing to the news article, or do you take care of it on your own?


    There is Exponent as well, tell us about a bit about you involvement in that?  And how that fit in your big picture?


    Instant Apps is a great term!


    So how has it been getting Android already for production?


    I know Android is so new, were you guys working with Facebook? How much platform experience do the the team member at Exponent have to put something like this together?


    You mention that there is increasingly less missing components for Android? And for anyone who is assessing the state of React Native today, if they need to build a cross platform app, how is it going?


    Out of curiosity, what kind of area was that in, animation, number crunching?


    In terms of where React Native is head, may you can tell us what you have found good, where you’ve had trouble, and the direction it is going in, in terms of core development?


    Conversation about open source by Microsoft, MailBox, and Carousel by Dropbox. And Peter move to Outlook.


    So Brent, in terms of what you do at Exponent, are you guys at parody for Android and iOS, or are you guys more iOS driven. How do you decide what is going to have precedence.


    Because iOS is so limited compared to Android, I wonder if we will have much cooler React Native apps built on Android?


    Can you add native modules on the fly on Android?


    What are the future plans for Exponent?


    Are you worried about running a foul on the app store policies?



    Lee talks about Test Flight.



    Jed ask about React Conf. and how Brent is organizing the conference.



    How is this year React Conf. going to be different from last year?



    Brent share information about a Diversity Scholarship offered for the conferences.



    Peter ask if you get a free ticket if you speak at the Lightening Talk?



    I’m curious, where do you see React Native heading as far as the number of people using it, and the growth around RN?



    How does one get involve and get started, because it is open source?


    You are one of the few people outside of Facebook that is a core contributor to React Native. What is that experience like for you?


    Lee asks a question about more information about migrating apps.


    Peter asks, for someone who is looking to adopt React Native, what would you tell them?

    Resources Mentioned in this Episode

    Brent Vatne

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  4. DevChat.TV

    React Native Radio | Episode 1


    Nader Dabit - Developer @schoolstatusapp, Co-Founder of Code South Labs

    Kevin Old – Full Stack Javascript Engineer, Organizer @nashreact && @nodevember

    Jed Watson - Partner at @thethinkmill, JavaScript / node.js developer, creator of @KeystoneJS and @TouchstoneJS

    Lee Johnson – Developer @schoolstatusapp


    So Kevin how did you get started with React Native?


    Jed, how about yourself? How did you get started with React Native?


     How was the initial feedback with the Devs that were at the React Conference?


    It was more of seeing the possibility of another layer that we did not know you could do something with.


    This isn’t just on the web, it is something completely different.


    We were all full of React Kool-Aid!


    How does everyone feel about when they first picked up React Native? How hard was it to get your first app up and running? How hard was compared to building Hybrid or Native apps? What were the road-blocks you run into?


    I think after doing a couple of tutorials online, going through the docs, you can get a good grasp on how to build an app. 


    The things I did struggle with were the concepts…


     Can you go into the debugging experience and how it is similar and different for the web stuff?


    The Flexbox was the biggest hurtle.


    Interested in Lee, coming from the opposite side of native development?


    Has anyone played with React Native Android? What kind of environment is needed for that? Do you need have the Android SDK installed onto your machine?


    It is definitely not a huge cliff you fall from, when there is something you don’t know how to do. These are a lot of resources out there to solve problems if your in the dark.


    Escape Hatches! Bridge Methods.


    If someone wants to get started with React Native, What are some the recommendations and resources they can use?

    (36:07) It there is a resource that doesn’t make sense to you, move on.

    Resources Mentioned In This Episode

    School Status

    Facebook React Native

    React Native

    Thinking In React

    React UI Explore App

    Ray Wenderlich


    ReactiveFlux Community

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  5. JSJ Finding a Job

    DISCUSSION: 02:14 - 15 Minute Podcast Listener chat with Charles Wood 03:23 - Amy’s Upcoming Talk at Nodevember 04:45 - Junior, Mid-level, and Senior Developers 08:00 - Advice for Devs Straight Out of Boot Camp (How Job Hunts Work) 14:28 - Looking For the Right Job For YOU The Passionate Programmer: Creating a Remarkable Career in Software Development by Chad Fowler 23:22 - Mentorship & Company Culture 27:16 - Nailing the Interview Salary Expectations Get to Know Potential Team Members Confidence 32:57 - Be Prepared: Coding is HARD Work 35:27 - Getting To Know People & Networking Hackathons Open Source Contribution Don’t Be Afraid … APPLY! Apprenticeships Saron Yitbarek: CodeNewbie Conferences 46:45 - Communication and People Skills Conway’s Law

    Get in touch with Aimee or Chuck! Tweet @cmaxw Fork Aimee’s Ask Me Anything!

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  6. 13-minute podcast

    This is why LCE on Facebook matters. It makes a beautiful statement, that people can attach their ideas to.# 13-minute podcast about browser-based JavaScript apps and how they connect to services like Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, Evernote.# BTW, there’s one little bennie from the way Facebook does their API. Since I don’t have to run a server, Little Card Editor will scale indefinitely without me spending a dime. :sunny:# The best way to get ideas is to suffer with something that doesn’t really work.#

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  7. 001 JSJ Asynchronous Programming

    Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 43:56 — 60.3MB) Panel AJ O’Neal (twitter github blog) Charles Max Wood (twitter github Teach Me To Code Rails Summer Camp) Jamison Dance (twitter github blog) Peter Cooper (twitter github blog) Yehuda Katz (twitter github

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