Creative Coding Podcast: Episode 9 – Processing and Cinder with Robert Hodgin (Flight404)

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  1. Episode 87 – SpaCy with Matthew Honnibal – Podcast.__init__

    Fast, accurate, and scalable natural language processing in Python

    As the amount of text available on the internet and in businesses continues to increase, the need for fast and accurate language analysis becomes more prominent. This week Matthew Honnibal, the creator of SpaCy, talks about his experiences researching natural language processing and creating a library to make his findings accessible to industry.

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  2. Ep 1 : “Politics is the Education of the Body through Struggle” with Phillip Neel, Jarrod Shanahan, & Zhandarka Kurti

    Cinder Bloc. is a project developed out of Red May in Seattle, Washington. Episode 1 is the first of a two-part discussion we shared with Phillip Neel, Jarrod Shanahan, and Zhandarka Kurti. Recorded in the first week of December 2020, we wanted to reflect on the apparently increasing stakes of 2020, from the pandemic to the George Floyd Rebellions and, most presciently,  looking to the then recent 2020 US presidential election. Whether Trump or Biden took the chair, the coming November election had every source from Fox and MSNBC to your favorite Signal thread buzzing with anticipation of political crisis and civil unrest. Would the election push the summer heatwave into the winter or would it bring a cold front?

    We of Cinder Bloc. thought we had seen the trail go cold by the beginning of December. But Zhana, Jarrod, and Phil suggested otherwise. While not entirely in agreement, their arguments aligned toward one direction : ‘just you wait and see because something’s on the way.’

    Almost a month later to the day, the Capitol riots shocked the US as neo-nazis, white-supremacists, and the fascist right-wave protests swept the Capitol and pockets around North America. Now on the cusp of J20 and warnings of revanchist, "angry and armed to the teeth" protests taking to the streets, what unr…

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