Episode 40: Syncing Up At The Conference

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Daniel and Manton talk about WWDC 2011 planning, SecondConf blitz talks, Twitter in iOS, MarsEdit syncing, and iPhone-only vs. universal apps.

Download (MP3, 34 minutes, 16.7 MB)

Links for the show:

Twitter in iOS 5 – Daring Fireball on the rumor WWDC 2011 press release – Lion, iOS 5, and iCloud @drwave – Michael B. Johnson’s Twitter account SecondConf Blitz Talks – also check out the videos Dropbox API – docs and libraries for the popular file sync service Simplenote – notes app with syncing API Omni Sync Server – forum post from Omni and beta sign up Things, State of Sync – blog post, Part III The Hit List – 1.0 ships, with iPhone sync coming soon Nimbus – iOS code editor from listener Paul Reynolds