5 Steps to make the transition from Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur – with Andy and Dane - The Foundation

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    SnapInspect: How To Find A Software Idea And Pre-Sell It Before It’s Built (Without Any Coding Skills Or Capital) – with Sam Ovens — Sam Ovens started his software company with no idea, no market knowledge, no coding skills or capital and he claims that having none of these is an advantage in business, not a disadvantage. He did it with guidance from TheFoundation.io, so I invited him to talk about his process.

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  2. Career Karma: Coding Bootcamp Platform with Ruben Harris and Artur Meyster - Software Engineering Daily

    Coding bootcamps allow anyone to become a programmer at a faster pace than the traditional computer science education system. In the last five years, coding bootcamps have grown rapidly in popularity, with thousands of people gaining the necessary skills to work as a software engineer. Career Karma is a platform that allows individuals to find


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  3. Ep 16: Fix That Software Engineer Resume – Git Cute Podcast

    IMPORTANT SHOW NOTE: In this episode I mentioned looking over resumes for free and also supplying a resume templates. Resume reviews can be scheduled through my Calend.ly https://calendly.com/jocelynharper, and the template will be available later on in the week! Sorry for any confusion. If you are having a hard time getting a software engineering interview,…


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  4. Learn to Code With Me : S6E17: From Newbie Coder to Google Software Engineer in Just 6 Months

    Clément Mihailescu enrolled in a coding bootcamp without ever having written a single line of code. Less than six months later, he secured a job at Google as a software engineer. His experience applying for jobs also inspired him to start a side business, helping others practice for the technical interview.    In this episode, we discuss…

    How to land a job at a top tech company What it’s like working at Google How to prepare for a coding interview What it’s like balancing a side gig and a full-time job

      Learn more about Clément and what we discussed on the Learn to Code With Me website.


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  5. Business of Coding Podcast: Ryan King, Twitter’s Flight School Founder - Quick Left Boulder Colorado

    Quick Left Chief Product Officer Joe Stump, talks about the business of coding in this series of podcasts. Twice monthly, we will feature a new podcast with different industry experts that explore not only the challenges that face the technical side of business, but the business side of technology. Each all-star guest shares their own experience on the technical and nontechnical aspects of running a company and imparts tips, tools and advice for the programmer and business person.

    Ryan King has worked at Twitter for 4.5 years in a few different roles but ended up running an internal program - Flight School - where they do onboarding and continuing education for new engineers. Joe and Ryan reminisce about their ti83 calculator in high school where they first learned how to code, and continue on to discuss the differences between problems in academia compared to challenges in the real world. Ryan has interviewed close to 500 engineers and in this podcast provides guidance for software development interns and junior engineers. So just what are the qualities managers look for in their employees? Looking to get hired as a software developer? You should probably listen to this podcast.


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  6. CodeNewbie: How do you develop yourself and your code while fighting off trolls Ali Spittel

    We chat with Ali Spittel, a software engineer and developer advocate at DEV, an online community where programmers share ideas and help each other grow. Ali talks about the beginnings of her popular coding blog, strategies for dealing with online abuse, as well as some coding advice for beginners, such as what non-programming skills can help programmers, how to get past the cycle of just using online tutorials, and what makes a great website.


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