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  1. Panel: ML for Developers/SWEs

    The panelists cover how they’ve adopted applied machine learning to software engineering.

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  2. Podcast number 300: “Adversarial Interoperability: Reviving an Elegant Weapon From a More Civilized Age to Slay Today’s Monopolies” / Boing Boing

    I just published the 300th installment of my podcast, which has been going since 2006 (!); I present a reading of my EFF Deeplinks essay Adversarial Interoperability: Reviving an Elegant Weapon From a More Civilized Age to Slay Today’s Monopolies, where I introduce the idea of "Adversarial Interoperability," which allows users and toolsmiths to push…

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  3. Ep. 83: Experience Designer Kristy Tillman — Clever: A Podcast About Design

    Experience designer Kristy Tillman was a very studious child, extremely

    driven academically. Always on the advanced track, she assumed she would

    one day be a lawyer like Clair Huxtable. Coding and art were background

    passions until a friend made her aware of design as a profession and she

    immediately redirected them to the foreground. Having recognized the need

    and summoned the courage to “invite herself to the table,” she is now Head

    of Global Experience Design at Slack. Still on the advanced track, obvs.

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  4. How to Predict the Next Big Thing and Ride the Wave of Innovation - Boagworld Show

    This week on the Boagworld Show we are joined by Jeremy Keith to talk about his uncanny ability to predict the trends that really matter in the digital field.

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  5. The 12-Minute Workout to Be Fit AND Healthy in 2019. “Body by Science.” – Love Your Work, Episode 160

    To start off the New Year you can see that we’re covering topics for how to improve oneself – stuff like staying focused or even staying secure in your digital life. This week, I’d like to share with you a Body by Science review and summary. Body by Science is a workout protocol that I’ve

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  6. Yolande Du Bois and the Weight of W.E.B. Du Bois’s Dreams - Footnoting History

    (Elizabeth Keohane-Burbridge) In the 20th Century, W.E.B. Du Bois was one of the leading intellectuals of the movement to gain equality for African-Americans. His daughter, Yolande Du Bois, found much of her life shaped by her father’s desire for his daug

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  7. 15: Clojure at Apple with David Taylor · The REPL

    The REPL

    Support The REPL by trialing Deps

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    A weekly newsletter and podcast diving into Clojure programs and libraries by Daniel






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  8. A Conversation with Paul Graham - Moderated by Geoff Ralston

    YC Partner Geoff Ralston talks with Paul Graham, one of the founders of YC, and tries to draw out as much startup wisdom as possible in an hour of conversation.

    Learn more at

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  9. Rev. Franklin Graham Offers an Evangelist’s View of Donald Trump | The New Yorker Radio Hour | WNYC Studios

    One of the nation’s most prominent preachers explains his support for the President.

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  10. The Rachel Maddow Show: U.S. women see reason to reject Trump SCOTUS pick Brett Kavanaugh

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