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  1. This Week in Tech 605 Think of the Koalas

    Daylight Saving Time is a blight on mankind. All the details in the Wikileaks dump of CIA hacking tools. How our data can be used against us. Nintendo Switch breaks launch records.…

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  2. Alan Kay, 2015: Power of Simplicity

    transcoded from youtube:

    One of my all time favorite talks of Alan Kay’s, given in 2015.

    Not my own video, though it hasn’t been on YouTube before. Original location here:

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  3. Alan Kay @ SAP 2015

    Audio extracted from this video at

    This video is about Alan Kay @ SAP in Palo Alto. Alan Kay is a computer pioneer, he was part of the the Xerox PARC team of about 30 researchers who developed many of the key concepts of the PC and notebook. Here he talks about the lack of forward thinking in technology design and innovation. He advocates system thinking rather than discrete products such as apps and hardware, the goal is integration and collaboration among our technologies because that’s what is important for humans: more collaboration. He also mentions that Steve Jobs missed a lot when he visited Xerox PARC and replicated the graphical user interface and mouse — he didn’t see the computers were all connected, used Ethernet, and connected to the nascent Internet then called ARPAnet. Steve Jobs missed half of it and didn’t see that the computers were all connected "because he’s a visual guy."

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  4. Blasphemy & Revelation – with David Heinemeier Hansson | Case Studies & Business Tips

    The blasphemous part of this interview comes when David Heinemeier Hansson blasts many of the ideas that entrepreneurs hold sacred. Suffering isn’t the heroic way to work. It’s a sign you might be working on the wrong thing. Charging and profiting don’t make you evil or short-sighted. They ensure you can grow. It’s inspiring, and it’s why I invited David of 37signals to do this interview. For the revelation, listen to…

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  5. David Heinemeier Hansson of Basecamp | Being Boss Podcast

    David Heinemeier Hansson, creator of Ruby on Rails & founder & CTO at Basecamp on improving your odds at success in your business on Being Boss Podcast.

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  6. David Heinemeier Hansson: An Interview With A Real-World SuperLearner - Becoming SuperHuman

    We interview David Heinemeier Hansson: creator of Ruby on Rails, Founder of Basecamp, author of 3 books and accomplished Le Mans Driver.

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  7. Rediscovering The Word - The Functional Centrality of the Gospel

    New from James Rochford

    Order your copy today

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  8. 66: Hack Learning Uncut - Riffing on Rigor in Education | Hack Learning

    In this episode of Hack Learning "Uncut"—the unedited, occasionally-interrupted,…

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  9. GOTO 2016 • What I Wish I Had Known Before Scaling Uber to 1000 Services • Matt Ranney

    This presentation was recorded at GOTO Chicago 2016

    Matt Ranney - Chief Systems Architect at Uber, Co-founder of Voxer

    ABSTRACT To Keep up with Uber’s growth, we’ve embraced microservices in a big way. This has led to an explosion of new services, crossing over 1,000 production services in early March 2016. Along the way we’ve learned a lot, and if we had to do it all over again […]

    Download slides and read the full abstract here:

    Original video:
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  10. When Firms Become Persons and Persons Become Firms: outstanding lecture / Boing Boing

    UC Berkeley Political Scientist Wendy Brown came to the London School of Economics last week to discuss her book Undoing the Demos, and her lecture (MP3) is literally the best discussion of how and why human rights are being taken away from humans and given to corporations.

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    Brown looks at the human rights enumerated in the US Bill of Rights, and how they have been interpreted in successive Supreme Court rulings like Hobby Lobby (corporations are people whose religious freedom entitles them to deny contraception to their workers) and Citizens United (corporations are people and have the free speech right to buy politicians). She suggests that these have been misread as merely conservative/business-oriented thinking gaining influence, and that rather, they are best understood as an ongoing project that grants personhood to companies at the expense of real people.

    Brown speaks for more than an hour with almost no poli-sci/econ jargon, building elegant, beautiful arguments that should be accessible to anyone. If you listen to anything this weekend, make it this.

    Neoliberal rationality — ubiquitous today in statecraft and the workplace, in jurisprudence, education, and culture — remakes everything and everyone in the image of homo oeconomicus. What happens when this rationality transposes the constituent elements of democracy into an economic register? In vivid detail, Wendy Brown explains how democracy itself is imperiled. The demos disintegrates into bits of human capital; concerns with justice cede to the mandates of growth rates, credit ratings, and investment climates; liberty submits to the imperative of human capital appreciation; equality dissolves into market competition; and popular sovereignty grows incoherent. Liberal democratic practices may not survive these transformations. Radical democratic dreams may not either.

    In an original and compelling theoretical argument, Brown explains how and why neoliberal reason undoes the political form and political imaginary it falsely promises to secure and reinvigorate. Through meticulous analyses of neoliberalized law, political practices, governance, and education, she charts the new common sense. Undoing the Demos makes clear that, far from being the lodestar of the twenty-first century, a future for democracy depends upon it becoming an object of struggle and rethinking.

    Undoing the Demos: Neoliberalism’s Stealth Revolution [Wendy Brown/Zone Books]

    When Firms Become Persons and Persons Become Firms: neoliberal jurisprudence in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores [LSE]


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