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  1. Daniel Burka at dConstruct 2022

    Daniel Burka is a Canadian digital designer who has previously worked in the agency world, at Silicon Valley startups, and even venture capital. But now he’s doing truly meaningful work, designing for busy healthcare workers in low-income countries.

    Daniel previously spoke at dConstruct back in 2008, when he gave a talk called Designing for Interaction.

    Daniel spoke at the final dConstruct, a special one-off anniversary edition held in 2022. The theme of the day was design transformation.

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  2. Matt Webb at dConstruct 2022

    Matt Webb is a technologist, product designer, and writer who defies categorisation. He has headed up a design studio, co-founded a start-up, and now consults on super-clever machine learning stuff. His blog is brilliant.

    Matt previously spoke at dConstruct back in 2007, when he gave a talk called The Experience Stack.

    Matt spoke at the final dConstruct, a special one-off anniversary edition held in 2022. The theme of the day was design transformation.

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  3. Base Training Fundamentals: 3 Key Ingredients

    Base training helps build your foundation for a fast, healthy season!

    Season Planner Worksheet: Subscribe: More base training:

    Base training is critical for endurance runners. This valuable phase of training helps build your foundation of aerobic development, strength, and neuromuscular fitness. Without base training, your season won't be as successful.

    Plan your season right with our free worksheet:

    Jason Fitzgerald is a USATF running coach, 2:39 marathoner, and the host of the award-winning Strength Running Podcast. He's the 2017 Men's Running Magazine's Influencer of the Year and his work has appeared in Runner's World, Health Magazine, The Washington Post, Lifehacker, and other major media.

    Visit to see their award-winning blog, free email courses, and full library of training programs and coaching services.

    Podcast: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

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  4. Productive Talk Compilation: 8-episode podcast with GTD’s David Allen | 43 Folders

    Download MP3 of "Productive Talk Compilation" As promised, here's the single-file compilation of the Productive Talk podcast interviews I did with David Allen, the author of Getting Things Done. The final version's eight episodes clock in at a

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  5. Panic Podcast - Episode 6: The Story of Playdate

    Find out how an offhand idea to mark the 15th anniversary of a software company launched a decade-long saga of twists, turns, and mini-boss battles that led to the creation of a handheld gaming console as surprising and unique as its creators. Pre-order day is finally here, but it’s dangerous to go alone. Take this adorable yellow box, and let’s get crankin’… on the story of Playdate.

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  6. Ashley Williams — Why the #wasmsummit Website isn’t written in Wasm

    WebAssembly is not here to kill JavaScript. In fact, to be successful, it must not. But let me back up.

    WebAssembly is an exciting new technology that has the ambition to change how and what we program for not only the web, but everywhere. In the case of the web platform, WebAssembly's promise has led many to declare that WebAssembly's entrance means the death of JavaScript. This belief is not only reactionary, but deeply short-sighted, and likely to threaten the successful wide-spread adoption of WebAssembly.

    In this talk, we'll use the WebAssembly Summit website to discuss the uses and misuses of WebAssembly on the web. We'll explore the historical and material conditions of the web, past and present, to understand how and why the web changes and what its current trajectory is. With this understanding, we'll explore how WebAssembly can navigate this unique moment and discuss the practical implications of the specification's growth and better tooling as WebAssembly searches for its place in the web platform and beyond.

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  7. Open Source and Power with Matt Mullenweg

    Matt Mullenweg, the founding developer of WordPress and the founder of Automattic, joins Basecamp co-founder David Heinemeier Hansson for a spirited debate about tech monopolies, power in open-source communities, and how to be good stewards of the modern web that they helped build.

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