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  1. DevOps’n the Operating System

    John Willis takes a brief look at the history of how Devops principles and operating systems have converged. He spends most of the time forward looking at what and how unikernels will converge with Devops tools, processes and culture. He ends with a demo of how containers, unikernels and Devops ideas can work together in the future.

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  2. On Books: Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson (Part 1) [The Social Good Book Series]

    In Zero Waste Home, Bea Johnson shares the story of how she simplified her life by reducing her waste. The book is a how-to guide for reducing as much waste as possible from your life. In this episode of On Books I share my favorite tips from Bea’s book for reducing waste, as well as a reading from the chapter "The 5 Rs: Refuse" - which is the fundamental tenants of the Zero Waste movement.    Next week, Bea will be on the show. So if you have any questions you’d like to ask Bea send them to me at and I’ll make sure either she, or myself gets to them next week.

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  3. On Books Podcast - Zero Waste Home (Part 2): Interview with Bea Johnson

    On Books is a podcast where we talk about books.

    On Books Podcast - Zero Waste Home (Part 2): Interview with Bea Johnson: A weekly podcast about life-changing books via @ProductHunt

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  4. AA024 - The good, the bad, the ugly of online courses

    This week I want to share both sides of the story when it comes to online courses. Even though I’ve had success with them, I don’t think they’re for everyone (and I won’t be creating online courses forever). Listen to the episode to get the full scoop. Instead of a sponsor in this episode, I’m promoting signing up for ConvertKit, the email marketing service, and getting 1-month free with my link at - As always, get more action-taking advice by joining The Action Army at

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  5. A podcast about podcasting

    I hear today is Podcast Day. And to celebrate, Harvard has a story which

    acknowledges that much of the early work of podcasting happened there. It’s true, but I think the story, and the role that Harvard played, and others, is somehow lost.

    So I recorded a 20-minute re-telling of the tale of podcasting, from my point of view. Starting with my meeting with Adam Curry in 2000 in NYC, early experiments with Grateful Dead music, Berkman, BloggerCon, Chris Lydon, with a hat-tip to Doug Kaye and Steve Gillmor who were also doing early podcasts at the same time.

    Then to the summer of 2004, when I started Morning Coffee Notes, and proved that someone who isn’t a radio star can make something interesting enough to listen to, and that roughly is when the idea really started to take off. Adam’s Daily Source Code came in August, then Trade Secrets, the iPodder mail list, the term podcasting, Tony Kahn and WGBH, and the first 20 podcasts. Someone should make a list and put those names on a wall, because when they started, that’s when podcasting really was ready to go. All the previous steps were necessary, the technology, the idea of a series of interviews, the talk show format, and the involvement of NPR.

    Harvard provided an environment where this could happen, where the people could come together. I would say you have to credit Charlie Nesson, Jon Zittrain and John Palfrey for setting up that environment, trusting us to do something good with it. I remember the day I started there, they gave me a key to the office so I could use it any time I wanted. JP got me the space I needed for BloggerCon and the Thursday evening meetups, and helped explain what we were doing to the other parts of the university that wondered if all this would lead to something worth doing. Now we can close the loop, clearly Harvard feels it was. So we should do more of it! Let’s keep digging. A campus like Harvard’s is an incredible experimental kitchen for cooking up new stuff like podcasting.

    PS: As with all my podcasts this one is imperfect. The last minute or so was cut off. How did it happen? No clue! But the story is still there, and I think it’s a good one.

    PPS: I cross-posted this piece on Facebook using the new Notes feature.

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  6. 5by5 | Back to Work #272: Surprise Endoscopy

    TOPIC: Such small hands. This week, Dan and Merlin talk about Dan’s acquisition of an iPhone SE and how much he’s loving it. This leads to some ruminative discussion about how we pick devices based on how we prefer to use them. Also, some love for Spider-Man in the Civil War movie.

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  7. 5by5 | After Dark #526: After Back to Work 272

    After Dark for episode 272 of Back to Work.

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  8. 1: Bootcamps vs. Learning Solo & How to Begin with Ruby on Rails - StartHereFM

    We launched StartHereFM almost a year ago because we believe in the value of online education. Along side that we saw that people new to the web development community got easily overwhelmed. There was a lot of content, but a lack of direction. Everyone seemed to know generally what they should do, but they didn’t know the order. And not knowing the order and pattern to do it can be maddening. Upon talking to people we realized that’s a big reason why a large number of people quit before they realize how fun the chosen hobby/skill/industry they want to learn can be. And we believe this applies to everything, not just web dev.

    Thus, we created StartHereFM. The vision is to be the educational roadmap for all people that are new to any career or industry. The mission is to build amazing and educational multi-media content, that is helpful and inspiring.

    And we started with web development.

    Our first podcast has really grown and we immensely enjoy the community that has gathered around it. Great people, sharing the desire to learn and become great.

    To that end, today represents a landmark as we move closer and strive towards our overall vision. We are bringing another show into the mix, a Ruby on Rails show. If you are a Ruby on Rails fan or if you aspire to learn about Ruby on Rails — please check it out. I am starting from square one and walking through everything I did to learn it and get my first client using the language and framework. It’s going to be a fun adventure, why don’t ya join me.

    iTunes Link:

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    Follow us on Twitter:

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  9. Scripting News: A beautiful fucked up world

    I was reading this piece about how Charlie Rose and Obama’s speechwriters laughed about how they lied to us about ObamaCare, and realized at that moment what the appeal of Bernie Sanders was to young people. That turned into an 18-minute podcast.

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  10. Coding: Where I Would Start | Two Black Nerds

    In this episode, Two Black Nerds hosts, Romeo and Iheanyi, give their recommendations on how to go about learning how to code

    assuming no technical background.

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