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  1. Impact! by Professor Ian Morison

    There is simple evidence that, even in recent times, the Earth has suffered major impacts from asteroids and comets. What dangers do they hold for our civilisation?

    Major efforts now being made to detect those that might harm us and strategies are being developed to prevent their impacts. But we do have a problem with comets…


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  2. The Jodcast, January 2010: The AstroBunker

    Jen went to Newbury to talk to Adrian West and Nicky and Richard Fleet from the Newbury Astronomical Society about how they helped to bring astronomy to Twitter in the International Year of Astronomy. Through Twitter, @NewburyAS helped to bring almost real-time images and videos of the Moon, planets and meteors into people’s homes across the world in their MoonWatch and MeteorWatch events. We hear about how it all got started, why they think it was so successful and are reassured that they will be back in 2010 with bigger and better events!


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