Media Mix: Adblock Plus CEO Till Faida Talks ‘Acceptable Ads’ -

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  1. The Conversation - Episode 5 - Adblock This

    Dan talks with Ken Fisher, Jane Quigley, Matt Haughey, and Merlin Mann about the ads, ad-blockers, and integrity.

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  2. Howard Stern Just Taught Everyone’s Parents About Ad-Blockers | Motherboard

    Stern learned about ad-blocking software live on air Tuesday.

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  3. 191: Panel on Ad Blockers - ShopTalk

    We’ve got a panel discussion around ad blocking. Three guests, each on slightly different sides of the debate, join us to talk about the controversial topic of ad and content blockers.

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  4. The Conversation - Episode 5 - Adblock This Pt 2

    Dan talks with Merlin Mann, Jane Quigley, and Mike Davidson about monetizing the web, generalized blogs vs. niche blogs, filters, and actually caring about your audience.

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  5. Adblock Plus - “Mafia-Verhalten im Werbenetzwerk”

    Sascha Pallenberg wirft Adblock Plus vor, von einem mafiösen Werbenetzwerk gesteuert zu werden.

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  6. t3n Podcast: Adblock-Plus-Chef Till Faida: „Ich verstehe, dass das, was wir machen, sehr kontrovers ist”

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  7. Ad blocking | no dogma podcast Play in new window | DownloadThis is part one of a two part interview with Sean Blanchfield, part two will be published on October 27th.

    Discussion with Sean Blanchfield of Page Fair; Demonware, multiplayer networking layer; Scalefront startup incubator, cycling through startup ideas; Page Fair beginnings; innovation life cycle, finding the good idea, determining the size of the market, Sean and I are old!; Destructoid and going viral during a bachelor party(!), popularity of adblockers, popularity by site type, by age; YouTube preroll ads and the spread of blocking, Google ads white listed; non intrusive ads, Page Fair ads can be turned off, click through rates, discrete ads; better ads from Page Fair, competition; The Innovator’s Dilemma, disruptive technology, big companies can’t change, culture in companies; ad blocking on mobile, FireFox on Android supports adblock, adblock browsers are on the way, Adblock Plus app removed from App Store, Disconnect tracker and ad blocking for mobile and desktop; supporting free content through ads, publishers reaction to ad blockers.

    Part two goes into the technical workings of Page Fair.

    I’ll include Sean’s book recommendations in the post for part two.

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  8. 69: Melton & Ray on Safari, standards, and blockers — Debug — Overcast

    Don Melton and Jim Ray join Guy and Rene to talk about “Safari as the new IE”, web standards, and content blockers.

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  9. 123: Imperfect Signaling Mechanism


    Bitcode is specific to its originally targeted CPU architecture

    Bruce Hoult tweet 1, tweet 2

    C data types


    Data structure alignment

    Steve Troughton-Smith

    S1 analysis by Chipworks

    The (un)likelihood of ARM Macs

    Apple’s transition from PowerPC to Intel CPUs

    Intel Skylake

    Swift 2 and compiler self-hosting

    Mono’s compiler history

    Oculus as "the Palm Pilot of VR"

    John, his watch, and his nose

    Myke was right again

    Myke was originally right about the iPhone 6 Plus

    Safari Content Blocking API in iOS 9 and El Capitan

    WebKit Content Blockers

    Session video with John and Marco

    Safari View Controller to kill minibrowsers


    YouTube ad settings

    Ad-banner blindness

    The ethics of running ad-blockers

    AdBlock Plus accepts money from some ad companies whitelisted as Acceptable Ads

    John’s Reload Button extension for Safari

    TRIM) on non-Apple SSDs

    New trimforce command in El Capitan


    Casey, John, and Marco attempt to modify their houses.

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  10. Adblock

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