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  1. Joscha Bach: Artificial Consciousness and the Nature of Reality | AI Podcast #101 with Lex Fridman

    Joscha Bach is the VP of Research at the AI Foundation, previously doing research at MIT and Harvard. Joscha work explores the workings of the human mind, intelligence, consciousness, life on Earth, and the possibly-simulated fabric of our universe. This conversation is part of the Artificial Intelligence podcast.

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    Incredible comment by ernst.gemeint showing some of the topics mentioned:

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    OUTLINE: 0:00 - Introduction 3:14 - Reverse engineering Joscha Bach 10:38 - Nature of truth 18:47 - Original thinking 23:14 - Sentience vs intelligence 31:45 - Mind vs Reality 46:5…

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  2. Revisiting the Trayvon Martin Case | Glenn Loury & John McWhorter [The Glenn Show]

    George Zimmerman sues a bunch of people for $100 million 0:34 Rightwing filmmaker Joel Gilbert’s The Trayvon Hoax 9:28 Gilbert’s past conspiracy theorizing 22:59 An age of fake news and relativism 26:38 What John thinks really happened 32:05 Recent racially charged hoaxes 38:22 The racial narrative and “whose side are you on?” 42:58

    Glenn Loury (Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs, Brown University) and John McWhorter (Columbia University, Lexicon Valley, The Atlantic)

    Recorded December 5, 2019

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  3. Coronavirus expert: ‘War is an appropriate analogy’

    CEO of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations Dr Richard Hatchett explains the long-term dangers of the Covid-19 coronavirus - saying it's the scariest outbreak he's dealt with in his 20-year career. (Subscribe:


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  4. Jonathan Haidt and David Sloan Wilson (2-27-19)

    Don't be a Cypher. Be a Neo.

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    Five of My Favorite Books "The Righteous Mind" by Jonathan Haidt "The Dictator's Handbook" by Alastair Smith and Bruce Bueno de Mesquita "The Murderer Next Door" by David Buss "Why Nations Fail" by Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson "Why Gender Matters" by Leonard Sax

    Books I've Read Part 1: Part 2:


    Outro Songs JBPWAVE5 : A Jordan Peterson Lofi Hip Hop Mix https://…

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