How to Talk with Your Unconscious Mind | Jungian Active Imagination | Introduction & Tutorial

How do I speak with my unconscious mind? What is Jungian Active Imagination?

This video - the fifth episode of this twelve-part series in shadow work - offers a practical overview of the Unconscious Mind & Private Imaginary States. Episode Five of Shadow Work Essentials reveals the Three Golden Rules of Active Imagination, and also offers a step-by-step, repeatable tutorial for Active Imagination to help you explore your unconscious mind and support your shadow work by resolving personal conflicts, meeting with important archetypal figures, and advancing towards deeper inner work and personal healing.


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⏱️ TIMESTAMPS ⏱️ 00:00 Introduction 02:52 Section One: Imagination & The Unconscious 04:27 Everyday Benefits of Active Imagination 08:20 Section Two: The Three Golden Rules of Active Imagination 11:55 Section Three: Tutorial - Four Step Process of Active Imagination 21:08 Parting Remarks & Summary

Reading List (Beginner) Owning Your Own Shadow - Robert Johnson Meeting The Shadow (Essays) - Connie Zweig and Jeremiah Abrams, eds. Healing The Shame That Binds You - John Bradshaw

Reading List (Intermediate) Inner Work - Robert Johnson The Religion of Tomorrow - Ken Wilber (pp. 253-456) Ego and Archetype - Edward Edinger

Masculine Archetypal Basics Ki…

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