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  1. Separating Fact from Bro-Science

    How do you transform your body to capture all the stealth and suppleness of a leopard? Let Kelly Starrett, mobility expert, physical therapist, founder of MobilityWOD, and early CrossFit pioneer, guide you in building the best foundation possible.In today’s talk Starrett, known for his book “Becoming a Supple Leopard,” breaks down best movement practices outside of your everyday exercise routine, why posture and everyday movement matters, and how you can train your body for lifelong athleticism. Learn how to separate fact from “bro-science” in the gym, how you can improve your mobility at home, and the one piece of equipment you should never leave home without. With time, you’ll develop a movement practice specially tailored to you.2:30: “A very crowded space:” How to wade through the information explosion.5:00: Coaching mobility: Starrett’s lifelong affair.10:00: “We’ve sold fitness-ing to people:” How to hone your actual fitness goals.14:00: Building a good foundation: The importance of posture.19:00: How to remain a lifelong skilled athlete.22:00: Test. Retest. Share: The mobility motto.26:00: Best practices that aren’t bro-science.29:30: What is a movement practice?36:00: “Deskbound:” Why does everyday movement matter?40:00: The surprising cause behind pelvic floor dysfunction.41:30: What can you do to improve your movement at home?43:30: The piece of equipment you should never leave the house without.Watch the Episode Below!If you enjoyed this podcast, never miss the latest health news by subscribing to The PaleoHacks Show on your favorite podcast app and leaving a review for us on iTunes. This helps us spread the word and create better, bigger content for you!Connect with KellyFacebookInstagramTwitterDiscover morePaleohacks on iTunesPaleohacks Podcast RSS FeedListen to us on StitcherThe Paleohacks YouTube Channel

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