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Lecturer in Computing at Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland

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  1. Planet Money: Episode 904: Joke Theft

    Intellectual property & comedy

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  2. BBC: Facebook, Twitter and Democracy

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  3. BBC: When computer glitches ruin lives

    Imagine losing your home, your job or your reputation, all because of a computer error.

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  4. BBC: YouTube: Cracking down on crackpots

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  5. Right to be Forgotten

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  6. PLANET MONEY Episode 976: Terms Of Service

    An online review turns into a fine-print nightmare — until the victims fight back. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here.


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  7. The listening device in your pocket

    Does the proliferation of microphones in our mobile phones and home smart speakers mean that anyone can eavesdrop on us?

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  8. Surviving the surveillance state

    How facial recognition tech works, how it’s spreading everywhere, and how it can still be fooled with a bit of face paint.

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  9. Fake me an influencer

    The murky world of fake Instagram followers, fake comments, fake likes

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  10. Make me an influencer

    How hard is it to make money on Instagram?

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