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  1. BBC Radio 6 Music - The John Peel Lecture, Brian Eno’s BBC Music John Peel Lecture 2015

    Listen to Brian Eno deliver his John Peel Lecture on the ecology of culture.

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  2. BBC Radio 4 - Food Programme, Barbecue

    From the ‘slow and low’ tradition of the American south to the village of Llantwit Major in South Wales, Dan Saladino explores the revival of one of the food world’s most misunderstood words; barbecue.

    A world away from the burnt burgers and charred sausages of the British barbecue experience, the ‘barbecue belt’ of the Carolinas, Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee to Texas captures a story that goes beyond food. From politics and class to race and gender: barbecue has become a vital American institution.

    A cooking technique requiring endless patience, effort and care, Dan Saladino talks to some of barbecue’s biggest enthusiasts about how their modern approach is shaping our oldest form of cooking.

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  3. Front Row - Neil Young

    From Armstrong to Zappa - music documentaries from the Radio 4 archive bringing you a brand new episode each week.

    In a rare interview, Neil Young talks to John Wilson about his album ‘Americana’ and his long, somewhat unpredictable career. He talks about his politics, the current state of the protest song and the joys of playing with his longterm sparring partners Crazy Horse.

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  4. BBC Food Programme: Knives

    The knife, that most coveted of kitchen tools, is Sheila Dillon’s subject to explore this week.

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  5. Claudia Roden

    Claudia Roden’s life through food.

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  6. Desert Island Discs: Bob Harris

    Kirsty Young talks to broadcaster Bob Harris.

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  7. BBC - Desert Island Discs - Castaway : Jarvis Cocker

    Sue Lawley’s castaway is musician Jarvis Cocker.

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  8. BBC - Desert Island Discs - Castaway : Russell Brand

    Russell Brand, comedian & actor, is interviewed by Kirsty Young for Desert Island Discs.

    Actor, comic, writer, Russell Brand is a compelling cultural phenomenon who in 2006 was, in his own words, "plucked from a life of hard drugs and petty crime and rocketed into the snugly carcinogenic glare of celebrity."

    Along with an athletic wit and a florid turn of phrase he specialises in going too far - reckless acts of self-destruction and a degree of chaos seem to be his companions along life’s winding path. It’s been five years since he rocked the foundations of the BBC with what became known as the Ross Brand scandal. He’s since gone on to international success with a movie career, best-selling books and all the trappings of life on the "A" list.

    His most recent notable appearances have included testifying to a Parliamentary Select Committee on the importance of funding for drugs rehabilitation programmes and an appearance as a panellist on Question Time.

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  9. Desert Island Discs - Randy Newman

    Kirsty Young’s castaway is singer-songwriter Randy Newman.

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  10. Desert Island Discs - John Cleese

    Sue Lawley’s castaway is comedian and actor John Cleese.

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