In ‘A World,’ All Voice-Overs Are Not Created Equal : NPR

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  1. WTF with Marc Maron Podcast: Episode 604 - Terry Gross

    The tables are turned on one of the world’s greatest interviewers, when Marc sits down with Fresh Air’s Terry Gross in front of a live audience at the BAM Opera House in Brooklyn. The voice of NPR and the mind of WTF go deep into Terry’s past to examine the life of a person who is so familiar to millions and still very much a mystery. This episode is sponsored by Comedy Central, NatureBox, Blue Apron and Casper.

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  2. Terry Gross interview with Gene Simmons

    Here it is, boys and girls, the hilarious interview that Gene Simmons wouldn’t allow NPR to release as an archive like they normally do with Fresh Air, either because he couldn’t figure out how to make any money off it, or because it makes him sound like a complete ass. My guess is the former.

    Gene does his best to school the boring, repressed NPR listener on his fascinating philosophy of life, apparently a subtle blend of Ayn Rand and Ron Jeremy. Terry does her best not to get flustered, while conducting some kind of meaningful interview. She does a pretty good job, in my opinion. Hey, she’s Terry Gross.

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  3. ‘Fresh Air’ Host Terry Gross Awarded National Humanities Medal : NPR

    NPR’s Robert Siegel talks with Fresh Air host and executive producer, Terry Gross. President Obama awarded her with the National Humanities Medal on Thursday. Gross has hosted Fresh Air since 1975 and was selected "for her artful probing of the human experience."

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