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  1. UK culture war: how should museums confront colonialism? - The Week in Art | Acast

    Listen to UK culture war: how should museums confront colonialism? from The Week in Art. This week, we focus on two books: Aimee Dawson talks to Alice Procter about the debate over contested heritage in the UK and her book The Whole Picture, a strident call for colonial histories to be told in museums. Jori Finkel speaks to Glenn Adamson about Craft: An American History, a radical reappraisal of craft’s role in forging American identity. And in this episode’s Work of the Week, Ben Luke talks to the critic Michael Peppiatt—curator of an exhibition uniting Frank Auerbach and Tony Bevan at Ben Brown Fine Arts in London—about Auerbach’s EOW Sleeping IV (1967), in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

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  2. Metaphors and Cyberspace | Law and the Future of War - School of Law - University of Queensland

    In our podcast, we interview experts from a diverse range of fields to explore how new military technology and international law interact. Along with international lawyers and legal historians, we speak to political scientists, engineers and psychologists, defence industry entrepreneurs, activists and government policy officers. These different perspectives on technology and law help to understand the past, present and future of its regulation. 

    Episodes are released fortnightly and grouped thematically. Among other things, we will address the regulation of weapons in international law and new weapon technologies, the challenge posed by cyberspace, and the consequences of bioenhancement of soldiers. We also occasionally release explainer episodes to help contextualise and understand recent news and developments in international law. 

    You can subscribe to the podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and many other podcasting platforms, or via an RSS feed. 

    We welcome all feedback, including suggestions for topics to cover. If you have any comments, please get in touch with Dr Simon McKenzie, the producer of the podcast.

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  3. The birth of Social Ecology (Prof. Marina Fischer-Kowalski - BOKU University) - Circular Metabolism Podcast | Acast

    Listen to The birth of Social Ecology (Prof. Marina Fischer-Kowalski - BOKU University) from Circular Metabolism Podcast. 📺 Welcome to the Circular Metabolism podcast 📺. This podcast is hosted by Aristide Athanassiadis from Metabolism of Cities. In this podcast we talk with researchers, policy makers and practitioners to understand what makes urban metabolism and economies more circular. On this episode, I have the honour to chat with Professor Marina Fischer Kowalski from Boku University who founded the Institute of Social Ecology and was a founding figure for the International Society of Industrial Ecology as well as the European Society for Ecological Economics. Her work is very interdisciplinary and has evolved over the years but includes elements of social sciences, accounting and policy or even politics. She has written countless reports, articles and books on the topic of material flows analysis, industrial ecology, ecological economics and many more. On this episode we discuss about the creation of the social ecology field and how it helped to establish material flow analysis as a policy making instrument.Enjoy this episode and before you go, please help us improve our podcast by subscribing to your favourite app including Youtube, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer or Stitcher and leave us a comment 📝 with your thoughts. 👂 iTunes: 👂 Stitcher: 👂 Spotify: 👂 Deezer: 👂 Google:

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  4. North Shields | Time and the Shoeman | story by Celia Bryce

    In this episode, the musician and writer Celia Bryce explores North Shields high street in an otherworldly tale which follows a mysterious character on his journey through streets of the past to return a lost shoe to its home, for her story ‘Time and the Shoe Man.’

    You can download the ebook of all the stories at

    Made in conjunction with New Writing North, High Street Tales is part of Historic England’s high street cultural programme; four years of nationwide cultural activity helping to make high streets more attractive, engaging and vibrant places for people to live, work and spend time. The programme is run by Historic England, in partnership with Heritage Lottery Fund and Arts Council England.

    Follow us on social using @HistoricEngland and the hashtag #HighStreetTales to stay up to date with the latest High Street news. (c) Historic England all rights reserved.

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