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  1. 513: The Disappearing Web | Spark with Nora Young | Live Radio | CBC Listen

    What happens when links stop working in the age of the web? Are we in danger of losing important historical material? And YouTube has all but a monopoly on online video. What does this mean for content creators and people who view their work in an age of monetization and NFTs?

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  2. Progression Obsession — Twenty Thousand Hertz

    There are a few specific chord progressions that show up again and again in

    popular music. Across hundreds of hit songs, the same basic musical

    formulas have been used by artists ranging from Lynyrd Skynyrd to Lady

    Gaga, and from Bob Marley to Blink-182. So where did these musical tropes

    even come from, and what makes them so enduring? Featuring music journalist

    Jennifer Gersten and comedic musician Benny Davis.


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  3. Episode # 35: Professor Tamsin Mather - Volcanoes, a ‘fundamental fascination’

    This week John was joined by Professor Tamsin Mather from Oxford University. Tamsin is professor of Earth Sciences and her research centres around volcanoes and volcanic behaviour. 

    Thanks to Collins for sponsoring series 6 of GeogPod.

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  4. Fund Drive Special: Technology as a Ruling Class Weapon | KPFA

    How should we on the left regard technology? Is it something neutral that we can shape for our own purposes? Is it a weapon of social control? Automation and the perilousness of life under capitalism have brought those debates back, but they’re not new. Marxist  scholar Gavin Mueller discusses technology, capitalism, and the left.

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