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  1. Recently Played | Nintendo Wishcasting (Episode 3)

    We got pretty off topic during our Super Mario 64 episode, so we collected the best bits into a whole bonus episode! If you’ve ever wanted to hear three huge Nintendo fans talk about the business model of remasters, how DS games can be ported to the Switch, and our favorite controllers, then this is the episode for you.

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  2. Recently Played | Super Mario 64 (Episode 2)

    Brian, Moises, and James travel back in time to the launch of the N64! Super Mario 64 was one of the most innovative games of all time, but does it still hold up today? Thanks to its recent rerelease on the Nintendo Switch, we get to (properly) play an iconic Mario game handheld for the first time. Topics include the wonky camera, 2D vs. 3D Mario, nostalgia for 90s video games, and the requisite amount of complaining about the DS verision.

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  3. The Making of ELLIOTT SMITH (Self-Titled) - featuring Larry Crane, JJ Gonson, Tony Lash, Slim Moon and Leslie Uppinghouse from Life of the Record on RadioPublic

    For the 25th Anniversary, Elliott Smith’s friends and collaborators, including Larry Crane, JJ Gonson, Tony Lash, Slim Moon and Leslie Uppinghouse, offer a unique oral history of how the Self-Titled record was created.

    With many new details that have never been heard before, Tony Lash and Leslie Uppinghouse describe the DIY processes that Elliott used while recording songs at their homes. From Elliott teaching himself how to play cello, to using cracked and out of tune guitars, to calling family members for help remembering lyrics, you’ll hear stories about how the album came together. Larry Crane, JJ Gonson and Slim Moon also reflect on where Elliott was at during this period, when the Self-Titled record ended up becoming a turning point in his solo career.!777b1

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  4. Is Metal Radical? A Conversation with Metal Philosopher David Burke

    Is metal (heavy, black, death, etc.) radical? is there something about metal that sets it apart from other genres as being potentially revolutionary? More broadly, can there exist an aesthetics capable of instigating a struggle against capital which resists recuperation? David Burke is a PhD candidate and music writer who has contributed to The Quietus and Astral Noize. We also discuss existentialism, revolution, death, Deleuze and Guattari, Hegel, Camus, Sartre, de Beauvoir, Zizek, and more.

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    “Metal is Radical”:

    [Quarantine Papers] Lines of Flight from Hyperborea: A Commentary on Hunter Hunt-Hendrix’s Transcendental Black Metal: A Vision of Apocalyptic Humanism:

    Hyperstition Arrays: Antagonism, Class, and the Real Movement:

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  5. Omen To That Podcast - OMEN TO THAT - The Art of Comedy | Free Listening on Podbean App

    On this episode I’m joined by returning guest and star of the small press scene John Tucker. We discuss the art of comedy, what makes us laugh and why. From Laurel and Hardy to The Royle Family we talk about the importance of growing up in a working class environment and how that has shaped our comedic tastes.

    We also hear about John’s secret past and how he is set to crack Hollywood in 2021.

    Put your fez on and sit back as we look at the Art of Comedy.

    All clips used are copyright their respective owners

    Content Warning

    This episode includes adult language and humour, and themes that some may find offensive.



    John Tucker: Artist, writer and absurdist.



    Damian Edwardson:


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