How Do I Stop Being Defensive?

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  1. Leadership Caffeine Podcast-John Baldoni on Leadership | Management Excellence

    John Baldoni, leadership author, and popular speaker, blogger and consultant, shares his perspectives on a range of leadership and management issues.

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  2. 007: Scott Belsky - Quick Decisions vs Wise Decisions - Hurry Slowly

    There’s one area of life where most of us are uniquely good at going slow—decision-making. Or as this week’s guest, Scott Belsky, puts it: “The most common decision we make is not to make a decision.”

    For those unfamiliar with his work, Scott is an investor and an entrepreneur, who co-founded Behance and led the company for seven years until its acquisition by Adobe for $150 million in 2013. He also wrote the insightful bestselling book Making Ideas Happen, and is hard at work on a new book about entrepreneurship, due out in 2018.

    We dig into why good and bad decisions are equally useful, the role that “merchandising” decisions plays in a leadership context, and why—when it comes to creative decisions in particular—it’s always wise to trust your gut.

    Key takeaways from the conversation:

    • Why making a decision is the start (not the finish) of great idea execution
    • How introverts and extroverts differ in their decision-making styles
    • Why “executing shyly” is the primary driver of bad decisions
    • How quick decisions can be more powerful (and relaxed) than wise decisions
    • Why instinct matters more than data when it comes to creative decisions
    • How to align your career with your personal decision-making style


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  3. Right Title…Wrong Kingdom (MP3) | Right Title…Wrong Kingdom | Global Leadership Network | Free Church Resources from Life.Church

    How do you view the position of leadership within an organization? Is there only room for one leader at the top? In this Global Leadership Summit talk, Chris Brown challenges leaders to share their leadership for a healthier personal, professional, and spiritual life.

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  4. Leadership. By the Numbers. // Michael Lopp // Calibrate 2016 (2/12)

    Leadership. By the Numbers: If you’re a brand new leader, these are the basics. This is the blocking and tackling of leadership, the themes and activities will form the foundation of your leadership career.

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  5. Leading Quietly

    Why do we see leaders as heroic, on-the-front-lines types of people?
    How can heroic leadership get in the way of progress?
    How quiet leaders are different from heroic leaders
    The scenarios in which quiet leadership is the better model, and vice versa
    The importance of pragmatic realism in leadership, and how to build that skill
    How to remain realistic without falling into cynicism
    The myth of the angelic motives of quiet leaders and why it’s okay to be selfish with your career
    Why honing your managerial — that is, quiet — skills is important
    Lincoln’s creative political maneuver that displayed quiet leadership
    Why everyone should know the value of compromise, and how to do it
    The role of rule-bending and flexibility in leadership
    The 3 quiet virtues of leadership


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